Don’t Quit Too Soon! December Can Rock Your Profit Zone!


Holidays, social parties and weather can affect your attitude for sticking to your production focus as the year ends. Of course you’ve put in quite a year, but there’s no reason to pull in the reigns just yet!Presents

December rolls out the most motivated buyers and sellers than any other time of the year. Real buyers can’t worry about the holidays in order to get their transaction closed before the new year starts.

Sellers that are serious about selling make sure their properties are ready to show no matter what the date. Your December focus on closing more sales can make the difference to your bottom line!

Here are a few tips to keep you and your prospects motivated:

  • Prepare your sellers. Let them know that most buyers who want to view their properties during the holiday season are serious, and they will not be concerned that the kitchen may not be perfect if it’s the cookie making day for the neighborhood exchange. Help your sellers to realize that the showings they allow now could be the sale they’ve been waiting for!
  • Ask sellers to tone down heavy holiday decorations if they are on the market. Explain that buyers need to see past their decorations, so suggest that they still should decorate, but with a buyer’s eye in mind.
  • Discuss with your buyers that this is the time of the year that many sellers are preparing for holidays.  The seller may be hosting out of town guests as well as preparing their homes to host parties and family get-togethers. If the buyer can’t make a viewing appointment at their first chosen time, encourage them to schedule their viewing at an alternate time. If a physical viewing is simply not available, suggest that they “view” the property through a video that you shoot ahead of time or through a virtual tour posted on the web.  This may help them be a tad more patient when scheduling a showing and still comply with a seller’s holiday schedule.
  • Understand that in the event of a signed agreement, both parties may have some challenges scheduling inspections, attorney reviews and other timely requirements during the holiday season.  Be sure to add some “wiggle room” in the response times to adjust to the holiday hours of other professionals involved in the transaction.

The holidays are wonderful time and become more wonderful when you close more sales.

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  • December is the calm before the spring storm. It’s like Aug to those in the retail business that do half their business in December. For Realtors it’s a time to be thinking about spring which is our Christmas season so to speak. If we were farmers spring is our harvest season. So it only makes sense that we should still be planting marketing seeds and nurturing our business plans for harvest time. Thankfully a lot of Realtors fail to realize just how important Dec is to their business and make it easier for the rest of us.
    Happy Holidays !

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