Finishing BIG in 2013 [Recording]


7 Weekly Strategies to Make More Before Year End

(And 1 FREE Download)

Another powerful coaching session with real estate expert Terri Murphy has come and gone. Were you able to sit in on yesterday’s engaging webinar? Or did you miss this opportunity to learn from and interact with the Murph herself?

If you weren’t able to make the webinar or you want to watch it again on your schedule, check out the recording below. Terri’s seven-week, step-by-step plan will teach you how to make more money and finish 2013 BIG! 7strategies

In addition to these seven weekly strategies, you will learn how to overcome the top 5 money-making barriers for real estate agents:

  • No real plan of action
  • No execution of plan
  • No focus on hourly, weekly & monthly activities
  • No time blocking
  • No accountability

Watch the recording now to see how you can avoid the usual holiday season slump and start making more sales while your competitors are taking it easy… too easy!


Curious about the tax letter mentioned in week 4? The one you can send to both parties – clients and non-clients – involved in any property closed in 2013? We’ve got that for you, too. Download it now to jump start your 2014 sales.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

Save the date for our next webinar. Kathy Stephens of Simple Sites Serious Success will be joining us to share tips on how to optimize your agent website, boost your SEO, attract more traffic and stimulate engagement. Discover how you can win the web war and get more eyes on your listings. Click here to reserve your space.

What has been your favorite webinar of 2013? What are you hoping to learn more about in 2014?

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