Upcoming Webinar: Pump Up Profits Before Year End


46 Day Countdown to December 31!

How about putting some big sales in your pocket to ramp up your production and profits before 2014?

This session will share the strategy for each week until year end!pump up profits

The 7 super actions to make more money NOW – a weekly guide of “money-making to-do’s” for each week for higher productivity and profitability to end 2013.

In less than an hour, our favorite real estate coach Terri Murphy will give you:
– The step-by-step process to tie up those prospects on the fence about buying or selling
– How to engage your database, sphere of influence and farm with community events for high visibility
– End of year open house schedules for better promotion and turn-out
– Two actions that will propel your first quarter of 2014 while everybody is shutting down for the holiday season
– Forget holiday cards – how holiday promotion for your area can make you stand out
– How your local vendors can help you offer more value by leveraging your database and making you the neighborhood star
– Year-end activity to launch your first week in 2014 with high quality engagement

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Time: 10 Pacific, 11 Mountain, 12 Central, 1 Eastern, 2 Atlantic

The webinar is now over.  Click here to view the recording.

What are your goals for 2014? Now is the time to start making your list!

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