New to Point2 Agent: Social Media Sharing Sidebar


SocialMediaYou probably already know that Point2 Agent is constantly being updated to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing real estate technology marketplace. Just this year, our users have gained access to property data integration, a redesigned email campaign system and dozens of new mobile-ready themes for both agent and property websites. This summer we also released the Point2 Agent Listings App that allows you to display your listings on your Facebook business page.

Today we’re excited to share with you a new feature that will help others share your website and promote your content: the floating social media sharing sidebar (what a mouthful)!

When activated, this feature adds a floating sidebar to every page of your Point2 Agent site. This sidebar allows site visitors to share information from your website with their network on the social platform of their choice with just the click of a button.

social sharing icons

Now prospects can share a listing they like with friends on Facebook. Or they can tweet your information on home inspections. Or post one of your community pages on Google+. Or even share your home page on LinkedIn to recommend your services to colleagues.

There are so many reasons someone might want to share your website with others, why not make it easy for them to do so? It’s essentially free, word-of-mouth marketing for the digitial age!

Ready to get your social media sharing sidebar up and running? Here’s what to do:

Log into your Online Office

Click Websites at the top of the screen

Go to your Agent Site and click Edit

Hover over the Manage Website tab

Click Social Media Sidebar Settings

Then check the box next to “Add the Social Media Sharing Sidebar to all pages on my website,” choose which side of your screen you want it to appear on and click OK!

social sharing instructions

The dropdown menu next to Theme lets you choose the appearance of the sidebar. You can select transparent, light, gray or dark. The example below shows a transparent sidebar. It blends seamlessly into the background of your website.

social media2

With just the click of a mouse, your webpages can now be shared with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Or users can click More Options to choose from a wider variety of options.

point2 agent social media

Wow, that’s a lot of choices! The eye-catching floating sidebar follows users as they scroll, so it is at the ready any time somone sees content on your website that they want to share. It’s a great (and free) way to increase traffic to your site.

Have you activated your Point2 Agent social media sharing sidebar yet?  


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