Property Staging for the Holidays in 4 Easy Steps


Having a clean, organized and decorated property goes a long way in making it seem inviting. Proper staging helps prospective buyers envision themselves and their possessions living in the space. You can also justify the asking price if the property looks great and highlights the key features.

Staging a home can be a simple and inexpensive process, and you can use upcoming holidays to inform your staging ideas!

Follow these four steps to stage your properties for the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Staging Basics – There are a number of staging basics that still need to be accomplished before anything else can be done: neutralizing rooms, returning them to their intended purpose, fixing damage, etc. Use this free resource in the Point2 University to get started.
  2. property stagingChoose a Theme – Is it a particular holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) you want to focus on? Or a general time of year (like fall or winter)? Or a feeling that makes people happy (family time around a fire, fresh baked cookies) that you want to recreate? Choosing a theme will keep things stream-lined and easier to decorate. It also means that you can focus on items that are cohesive. Check with your sellers for added goodies – they might own particular types of ornaments or color schemes, and reusing items means less cost overall.
  3. Generalize for Reuse – To minimize costs, choose items and a theme that you can use year after year and easily store. Moving a green wreath with a red ribbon from one property to another will be easier than moving a dancing and singing Santa! Plus classic items like wreaths, pumpkins, table runners and topiaries never go out of style, meaning less cost for you and a more seamless pairing with multiple properties.
  4. Have Fun – You should choose staging options, themes and items that are going to excite you while you use them and arrange them in the properties.  That enthusiasm is contagious and will hopefully rub off on your sellers. Get them involved in the decorating, and especially get them working on the staging items they should be doing themselves. It’s a team effort to move the property.


Market it!  After the property is staged, take some updated photos to put on the listing information, shoot a video highlighting the room, organize an open house and share it through social media. Let the world see your masterpiece, which also drives more traffic to you and the property!

Staging can really work to shorten the sales cycle, and it makes a difference in how a property shows to the general public. It also indicates a level of investment and competency in you as a real estate professional.

What things do you do to stage homes during the holiday season?

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  • These are great tips, but I can certainly see where sellers will need to be careful not to get too personalized with their holiday staging theme. They still want the prospective buyer to envision that home as theirs someday, not to feel like they are encroaching on someone’s holiday party. I also really liked your advice on sticking to the classic staging items for the holidays, this should be a must for home flippers and property investors alike!

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