Partner Marketing with Your HVAC Provider


Agents are always looking for ways to be “visible” to their sphere of influence in a soft sell sort of way.

One of the best marketing initiatives to be visible in a value added way is to help the homeowner remember that you are more than a one-time sale. You offer value long after the sale as an ongoing resource.HVAC provider

Top West Coast agent, Rob Levy, consistently offers an annual marketing initiative to past buyers by sending a fall reminder to get their heaters and/or air conditioners set up for the change of seasons.  He cleverly developed a “service sticker” that is placed onto the heating or cooling unit that offers four spaces (for the four seasons) where the homeowner can pencil in when the unit filters have been changed.

These stickers can be purchased online or can be simply produced on a good printer. All it takes is some sticky-backed paper stock, the agent info and the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) partner info.

The HVAC partner is delighted to be target marketing to a specific area leveraging the agent’s farm area or past client database. The agent enjoys a marketing partner to minimize the cost and leverage the expertise. The homeowner also can enjoy a discount coupon that many vendors are willing to include along with the sticker – 10 to 20% is common. These can also be made into magnets, but stickers are more economical, easy to mail and simple to apply.

Homeowners like the convenient reminder to change their filters, and when the property is sold, the new owner can easily see how diligent the previous owner was in changing the filter systems on a seasonal basis. They can also take note of the helpful agent that provided the reminder.

Hear more about this and other top marketing tips from a recent webinar.

What other ways do you partner with local vendors in your market area?

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