No Money Marketing That Pays [Recording]


marketing that paysDo you market yourself and your business online using social media channels and blog platforms? Social media and content marketing can deliver huge ROI without costing you a dime. Your only investment is your time!

Yesterday’s Success Series webinar featured two agents who are finding more leads and making more sales using easy online strategies that anyone can execute… even agents who are just getting started using social media.

Canadian agent Jerry Aulenbach makes connections and attracts prospects using Twitter… and bacon! Jerry uses his online influence to make offline connections, resulting in over a dozen additional sales each year. By sharing his personality and love of his community, not just his love of real estate, he has amassed over 7,000 followers. Check out his Twitter page. We think you’ll love his background (unless you’re a vegetarian).

In sunny Southern California, agent Connor T. MacIvor and his lovely better half, Paris, gain consumer trust and new clients through sharing useful content on blogs and in radio programs. What kind of useful content? Connor sums it up perfectly in his webinar recap post, “At the end of the day, you want to sell nothing about yourself. You want to sell the data, the real estate, the actions/activities that are happening all around your real estate business.”

Get Jerry’s tips for engaging on social media platforms – not just Twitter – and Connor’s tips for blogging and making videos by watching the webinar recording below. You’ll be glad you did!

Still doubting whether social works? In the last 30 days, the Point2 blog has welcomed thousands of visits from people who followed links on our social channels, Facebook and Pinterest being the two biggest referrers. That’s pretty good for the bargain price of $0!

Terri Murphy Wants to Know

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