6 Tips for Increasing Curb Appeal


Contrary to what some may think, the market for home buying does not stop when summer ends! But very often, the beautiful blooms of summer have withered and no longer provide great curb appeal.

Agents can help their homeowner prepare their property for better “show-ability” by offering a couple of easy suggestions to make the property stand out:

  1. Yard clean-up: Have the homeowner or an outside service cut away old dead blooms before the frost hits and replace with fall or winter blooms or plants (depending on your location).  Dead or unkempt landscaping is not attractive and tends to make the property look neglected.
    Vacant House
  2. Paint touch-up: While the weather is still reasonable, touch up any door, porch or siding spots that need a little fresh paint.
  3. Wash-up: Clean the doorbell! That is the first place to see grime and dirt. Also, pay attention to any windows in the entry, as they will be the first thing prospective buyers see.
  4. Dress up: Place a fresh fall or seasonal wreath on the door to help the property to become memorable.
  5. Check up: If the property is vacant, set up a weekly drive by to remove debris, junk mail and leaves for better showings. Include a checklist to run water, dishwashers and disposals. If winterizing, set the date and time now to alleviate any unexpected temperature drops!
  6. Partner up: Contact the immediate neighbors if the property is vacant and ask them to help you keep an eye on the property as you all work to keep the neighborhood safe. It gives the agent a great excuse to “meet” the neighbors and demonstrates extra care and concern for the client.

Helping keep the area around your listing a happy, attractive and safe place makes you the neighborhood hero!

What checklist items do you focus on to increase curb appeal?

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