Hot Tip: 1 Easy Question to Get Real Feedback!


real estate feedbackThe most powerful question you can ask is, “May I have your opinion?” 

Use your video camera to capture their opinions when you ask for their commentary on various issues! That is the perfect strategy to get real feedback from buyers, sellers and/or past clients.

Then grab your video camera and act like a major network when you ask questions of your database. Get them on video, so that you can share the video with others to create implied endorsement. You can begin with questions like:

  • Why did you choose X area to live?
  • What was the best experience you’ve had with your X (lender, HVAC, contractor, inspector)?
  • If you could improve one thing in our town, it would be X?
  • As a buyer, why do you want to buy in this area/neighborhood/city/town, etc.?
  • If this neighborhood could answer this question, you would ask them X?

When you get real-time feedback, your sphere of influence will begin to see you as the “celebrity authority” in your marketplace!  So get going, start videoing!

Have you made videos of your clients giving you a testimonial or talking about their new neighborhood? Share a link below!


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