Revisiting Your Business: Everything Old Is New Again


In listening to the radio nowadays, it is apparent that a long of songwriters are resurrecting melodies, lyrics and actually sampling from music in the past. It seems like all the 80’s hits enjoyed almost thirty years ago are suddenly back!

BricksThere is a nostalgia associated with using the old with the new – like using old footage of Soul Train for a “video” for a newer song!

It’s fun, yet effective at the same time. People enjoy things that are familiar to them, whether it’s a favorite meal at a restaurant or a reference to a cartoon they enjoyed watching as children.

What things have been done in the past that could be resurrected, modified or altered a bit, then reused for a current approach to sales or marketing?

Are you looking to:

You may find the answers you need by looking at things you’ve already done… or even referencing marketing techniques that others have used (check out the categories on this blog for some tried, tested and true ideas, tips, and tricks)!

Revisit the past to build the future… and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

What time-tested marketing technique did you use when you first started your real estate career that still works for your business today? We’d love to hear it!

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