4 Ways to Obtain More Traffic by Using Video


Mashable reports that by next year, 90% of all content on the internet will be video!

That means it is critical to understand how you can use video to build and expand your digital footprint for high visibility.

Incorporate video in all that you do to become a resource to your community, and use video to “show off” the areas where you sell.

Video camera 2

Here are 4 tips on incorporating video in your online strategy:

  1. Don’t just be on YouTube. Develop a YouTube channel to set yourself apart from your competition, then organize your videos on the channel by developing a playlist. This provides the viewer with easy selection of your video postings (listings vs. market trends vs. tips for finding the perfect home).
  2. Invest in a good hand-held external microphone. Good audio is a must for engaging videos that draw people in and make them take notice. Use your microphone to cover local events, just like a reporter, as you continue to position yourself as “celebrity authority” in your marketplace.
  3. Interview local business owners. Record them telling you why they love serving the community. Then they can use the video on their websites, and you can leverage their visibility on yours.
  4. Shoot short 1-2 minute interviews featuring local experts. Good people to interview include home inspectors, contractors or decorators. Have them share quick tips that your clients need to know to buy or sell a property. Post them on YouTube and leverage the video link to a blog post, Twitter and Facebook and other social media channels.

Want more information on using video? Check out the Point2 University resource with Michael Krisa on how to take great videos that will help you list and sell more properties. Are you an iPad user? Here’s an additional resource just for you!

How do you currently use video to increase traffic to your listings and website?

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