Hot Tip: Get Buyers to Make a Home Wish List


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Use the latest engagement tools to allow your prospects to participate in how you select information for their needs!

If you are working with buyers, have a buyer book prepared that not only explains the process of buying a home, but allows for it to be interactive by including pages that encourages the buyer to write down their “home wish list.”

Be sure they have it with them when viewing homes, so they can make a list of the properties that they liked and what they liked about each one, as well as what they didn’t like.

This activity will help you help them narrow down their “must haves” from their “likes””so they can best find a property that suits their needs and helps you, as their agent, stay on target for their real needs and wants.

After each showing, take the time to review their commentary about that property and coordinate it with pictures and video for better recall!

Too few agents harness the power of written and experiential engagement for taking that prospect from buyer to closed!

Do you have any special actions in place to actively engage your buyers while looking at potential homes?

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