Do 1 Thing at Your Closings NOW to Help Yourself in 2014


real estate closing

Instead of just sitting around at your next real estate closing waiting for the check, this simple tip will save you time, money and provide a powerful value-added resource after closing day.

  1. All parties to the closing get a copy of the closing statement after they’ve been endorsed by the parties. Take that opportunity to make an additional two copies.
  2. In your closing folder, have two blank envelopes with your business card in each. If you are the selling agent, take the first envelope and write out the name and new address of your seller. If you are the buyer’s agent, fill out the envelope with the buyer’s new address.
  3. Put a copy of the closing statement in each of the respective envelope, but DO NOT SEAL the envelopes. When back at the office, simply place the envelopes in an open box or file in your office.
  4. After the holidays, usually during the  first week of January, enclose a letter that essentially offers your customer or client an extra copy of their settlement report to have ready for paying their taxes. Take that opportunity to offer them an “Annual Mortgage Fitness Checkup and Identity Theft Screening” that you can in tandem with your preferred loan professional.

This opens the door to sending both the buyer and seller an updated market analysis and trend report. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch (and top of mind) even after their sale!

For more info, visit the Point2 University and check out the entire program offered by mortgage expert Michael F. White on Strategic Partnerships.

How long do you stay in contact with your buyers and sellers? We want to hear your best tips for keeping in touch with clients after the sale!

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