Hot Tip: Expand Your Digital Footprint Using Facebook


Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents

So many sales people have Facebook business pages, but they are not quite harnessing the full power of the world’s most popular channel. Use Facebook as part of your marketing tool kit to continue to position yourself as the ‘go to resource’ in your area of expertise!

Facebook tips for real estate agents

Here are a few quick tips to maximize the power of Facebook to help you do just that:

  1. Facebook globally reaches over a billion people. Remember: it is not a selling channel, but a serving channel. That means avoid trying to sell online.  Use this channel to connect online: build community hyper-locally by giving information, tips, reports and more.
  2. That said, it’s a great idea to post your listings on your Facebook page for fans that are looking for a new home. Using the Point2 Agent Listings App will help you share your listings on your business page in a way that is professional and tactful, not pushy or sales-y.
  3. Develop  an editorial and marketing calendar to announce  events and happenings in your area. As an example, use Facebook to invite fans to local events, like community programs, public events, neighborhood street parties and more. Reaching out to your fans is another way to be visible. You can do that by…
  4. Taking photos, video footage and even short interviews  to show you are an active supporter and part of the community.
  5. Reciprocate! If you want people to ‘like’ your posts, you should probably take a few minutes to like and comment on their posts as well. Social media goes both ways!

Facebook is a powerful way to build community and position yourself as that ‘celebrity authority’ in your marketplace when you use it to serve others!

Do you have a Facebook business page? Share a link below – we’d love to check it out!

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