Low Cost Methods for Strengthening Your Brand – Pt 1


Develop effective marketing techniques to strengthening your brand without breaking the bank.

We’ve seen the billboards. “I’m Jane Doe and I’d love to be your agent!” Insert an image of a face, an image of a house, a logo and that’s it. What makes that agent different than the other hundreds agents with similar advertisements? strengthening your brand

Don’t be that agent.

Strengthening your brand involves re-evaluating what, when, where, how and to whom you convey your message. As in-depth as that may sound, it can be relatively inexpensive if done wisely.

Always Begin with Research
All good changes are preceded by research. Learn the needs, wants and habits of the customers that you want. It’s possible to conduct helpful research without enlisting the services of a third party. Start by sending out a survey to past and existing clients who exemplify the clientele that you want in the future. Ask questions that will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing campaign so that you have a better idea of what to change and what to keep.

Create a Personality and Tone
If your business was a person, what attributes would (s)he  have? With whom would you want to associate your business? Create a list of adjectives, verbs, people and even images that you want associated with your brand. This fun step will help you to establish the tone of your business moving forward.

Keep Your Tone Consistent
Viewers would never confuse an advertisement for Spirit Airlines with an ad for Korean Air. Why? Because their ads have two drastically different tones. Korean Air exudes sophistication, even a bit of elitism whereas Spirit hits hard for the off-color humor and conversational tone. Developing a tone for your business is part of its identity. Stick to one tone in everything that you do: how you answer the phone, text messages, responses to blog and social media comments, and especially your print advertisements. Need help? Go back one step and consider the person who personifies the style you want for your company. Ask, How would that person get this point across?

Cater to a Lifestyle, Not a Product
You limit yourself when your marketing campaign simply conveys that you’re a real estate agent. You’ll want to capture your audience beyond your products and services. Demonstrate that you can provide a step towards the lifestyle that your customers want. Maybe that’s a home that unites families, or an active community rich with caring relationships, or an estate that is an extension of the buyer’s personal accomplishments and successes. Promote the lifestyle through images and keywords. (The list of words that you made in step two might help here.) It’s important to customize your brand to draw in clients who are seeking precisely what you have to offer. Addressing a particularly lifestyle may seem like a narrower scope, but it results in stronger leads and more solid sales.

Change is Good…Occasionally
It’s important that your brand does not become stale. The other side of the coin is that you shouldn’t revamp your brand too often. Certain features – colors, logo and tone, for example – should remain the same while the details change. If in doubt, think of Coca-Cola. We’ve seen everything from Andy Warhol paintings to computer-generated polar bears pushing the product, but the script hasn’t changed in nearly 130 years and neither has the color scheme. Some things should never change.

For more tips on strengthening your brand, check back in to Point2 Agent Blog next month when we run part two of this series!

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, a writer for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog — as part of a post exchange.

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