The Power of Social Convergence


So many agents complain that they don’t see results from their social media activities, and that can rob you of productive time and money… but often the problem is that they are posting without a strategy or objective!

Without a social media strategy, you dilute the power to create online engagement and to build the community that will buy your services.

All it takes is some simple planning.

social media strategy

In today’s social media maze, you need to stay on course if you want to see more sales.

Sit down and  develop a plan in advance of what and how you will post web content and how they will wrap into your email marketing plans, traditional marketing campaigns and real time events.

When you have a calendar or rough schedule to follow, it is easier to know what to post and when to keep your information timely, on target and RELEVANT to your community.

There are several programs to help you really make this happen:

  • Microsoft Excel as a simple spreadsheet
  • Google Calendar
  • WordPress has an editorial plug-in – that allows you to control your long term strategy
  • And many use HootSuite – a free dashboard of content broken down into timelines

Instead of just posting information all over, figure out what will be happening in your area, such as community events. Then, plug them into dates on your calendar. Then post information before and after the event, and you are on your way to more purposeful posting for more profits!

What is a critical component of your social media strategy? We’d love to hear about your most popular and engaging posts!

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