Point2 Agent 101: Listing Photo Popularity Ranking


You already know that Point2 Agent tracks all kinds of things for you – listing performance, new prospects and website activity included. But did you know that we also keep track of which of your listing photos are viewed and how often? listing photo popularity

That’s right, Point2 Agent has a feature that provides listing photo popularity rankings for you, so you know exactly which pictures draw the most eyeballs.

Why is this a good thing?

The ability to see how your listing photos are performing is absolutely to your benefit as a real estate agent.

Photo popularity rankings help you learn what features of your listing interest online viewers the most, giving you the opportunity to adjust your marketing strategy for optimum impact.

For example, let’s say you just listed a home on the MLS. After a week of having your listing online, you log in to your Online Office and check the Photo Popularity tab. You discover that the photo you have in first position – a picture of the house from the curb – has 15 views, but the photo of the recently remodeled kitchen has 22 views.

At this point, you might decide to change the order of your listing photos to show the kitchen photo second, or even first, and adjust your listing description to go into more detail about the kitchen amenities and appliances. You might also talk to your seller. Perhaps they weren’t thinking of parting with their refrigerator before but, given the interest this particular room is generating, you might be able to strategize in a way that will benefit contract negotiation. And when you schedule home showings, you or the seller might put extra care into the appearance of the kitchen before prospective buyers arrive.

You can also see which photos are not generating many views and try to determine the cause. Is it just a bad photo? Should you delete it or take a better one and replace it? Is there something the seller could do to make that area more attractive?

To access the Photo Popularity tab, log in to your Point2 Agent account and click on the Listings header. Then click on the address of the listing that you would like to view to access the Manage Listing screen. Finally, click on the Photo Popularity tab to see how your photos are performing.

photo popularity

Photo popularity rankings for a sample listing.

Do you check the Photo Popularity tab often, sometimes or never?

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