Animal House – Pets in Listing Photos


Don’t you hate it when you take a bunch of great listing photos and you download them to your computer only to discover that they’re a little bit… furry? No, we don’t mean blurry. We mean downright furry. Perhaps even feathery.

Instances of pets sneaking into listing photos are not uncommon. In fact, given the wide range of listings we see, we might argue that there’s an epidemic on our hands. From the goats in a recent million dollar listing to puppies making themselves a little too at home, animals are everywhere.

Although having a home besieged by pets is a definite no-no come home showing time, we tend to think that a furry friend here and there can liven up the online home search process. In fact, some professional home stagers use strategic ‘placement pets’ to convey a certain feeling about a home. Selling a hunting lodge? A photo of a regal bloodhound in front of the hearth is a nice touch. Of course, allergy-sufferers may feel differently. Take a look at these pics and tell us what you think about pets in listing photos: yay or nay?

The Cute

seagull listing photo

This waterfront listing has the seagull stamp of approval!


otis dog photo bomb

Meet Otis, the dog who photobombed every single photo of his parents’ Chicago rental. The listing went viral, and the apartment was snapped up within 24 hours.


baby in listing photos

Wait! That four-legged visitor isn’t a pet at all… it’s a baby!

The Not-So-Cute

pets in listing photos

For sale: charming 2bd/2ba with spacious yard… possessed by demon kitty.

dogs in listing photos

Room with a view?



snake listing photo

We’re fairly certain this is the absolute wrong way to sell a house.

The One We Can’t Stop Laughing At

water cat

This cat is surrounded by his archenemy – water – and looks truly miserable. On the other hand, it really speaks to the impact of that view!

Have you seen (or taken) any funny listing photos lately? Share a link with our readers below!

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