10 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home


Much like the rest of the real estate industry, new home construction is back on the rise! Are you a real estate agent who sells or even specializes in new builds?

If you answered yes, this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled the top ten reasons for home buyers to buy a brand new house. Feel free to print this out for use during your buyer consultations, share it on your social media platforms and even include it on your website (just don’t forget to attribute it to us, pretty please).

buy a brand new home

1. Design the home of your dreams

When you elect to buy a home that hasn’t been built yet, you get to enjoy the process of designing your dream home. This includes being able to pick the floor plan that’s exactly right for you. Want all the bedrooms upstairs? Or a master suite downstairs? Done. There’s no need to make due when you can start with something that’s just right instead.

2. Enjoy your place from the get-go

Many times, when you move into an existing home there will be something you want to replace or remodel right away, like old fixtures or worn carpet or even just a paint color that’s not your taste. New homes don’t come with this instant to-do list, so you can spend your time enjoying your home… rather than fixing it up.

3. Sleep soundly (and under warranty)

While an older home will usually have components of various ages – some of which may need replacing not long after you move in – a new home has brand new everything and will be under warranty from roof to floor.

4. Start green, save money

New homes allow you to make money-saving, environmentally friendly choices from the start, instead of having to retrofit. You can choose sustainable flooring options, energy efficient appliances, green landscaping systems and more. Additionally, new homes often have better insulation, doors and windows that will save you money on heating and cooling costs.

5. Slash maintenance costs

Today’s new homes are built to minimize maintenance, employing the latest, most durable products and techniques that are designed to require less upkeep in the long run.

6. Feel safe and sound

Your new home is guaranteed to be up to the latest safety codes right from the start. In addition, newly constructed properties often boast safety features, like hard-wired smoke detectors and state-of-the-art circuit breakers, not commonly found in older homes.

7. Benefit from community amenities

If you are considering a home in a planned community, don’t discount the value of community amenities. Many communities now include pools, fitness centers and other recreation areas that will add to your experience in your new home.

8. Luxuriate in all new appliances

Brand new oven, brand new refrigerator, brand new washing machine, brand new dishwasher… we could go on and on. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than knowing that your garbage disposal has never been used (and quite possibly misused) before.

9. Discover more financing options

New home developers often have access to their own mortgage or financing options, giving you more lending choices overall. You may also encounter developing communities that are offering a discount special or price perk if you move within a certain time frame.

10. Rack up potential incentives

Building developers may offer incentives as part of your purchase package, like design or appliance upgrades or money towards closing costs.

Maybe we’re optimists, but we think there are advantages for every sort of home, depending on the buyer’s lifestyle. Overall, buying a brand new home presents many advantages to individuals or families who have particular layout requirements and/or little time or desire to work on fixing up a property. The community living aspects of many new developments can be a real perk as well.

If existing family homes are more your thing, don’t sweat it! We love the homey feel and warm history of homes that aren’t brand new, too. Stay tuned for your very own top 10 list

What do you think? Did we forget anything? Tell us why your buyers are looking for the freshest homes in your neighborhoods.

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