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Point2 IDXA little birdie in Customer Care recently told us that IDX is one of the things he is most frequently asked about. Taking a look back through the blog archives, we then quickly discovered that our last IDX-based post was this one about using IDX to drive traffic posted in January… of 2012. Quelle horreur!

To make up for this grievous oversight, today we will do our best to answer the most common IDX FAQs. Whether you’re an existing user or altogether new to Point2 (or even real estate), we think you’ll find some useful info here.

What is IDX?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. IDX is a listing search mechanism that accesses the data feed provided by your MLS, giving your website visitors access to all of the approved listings in your MLS (instead of just your own listings). Many MLSs provide access to their data feeds – enabling you to use IDX to add more listings to your website – but some do not.

How does IDX help my website get more leads?

Online consumers are searching for listings. The more your website has, and the more local and accurate they are, the more likely they are to visit your site. And then to revisit your site to see what’s new. If you have IDX search on your website, you will be able to showcase ALL the MLS listings in your area – making your site an easy go-to for interested buyers.

Additionally, all of the listing results appear with your contact information, making you the point of contact for all interested leads. Prospects can also elect to save their IDX searches and favorite properties for easy access later, netting you their contact information in the process.

What is the advantage of using Point2 IDX?

Point2 IDX offers seamless, fuss-free framed integration with your Point2 Agent website. It’s directly integrated with the prospect management components of your online office, too, for easy lead capture and conversion. When you use Point2 IDX, you also get unlimited customer service, an industry-leading uptime commitment and the freedom to change or cancel your service at any time.

Lastly, since our IDX is powered by WolfNet, we have some of the best IDX market coverage around and are backed by a company that has been a mainstay in the industry for years. In other words, we have the technology, expertise and support to provide agents with a great search solution.

Is IDX included with my Point2 Agent website?

While Point2 Agent websites are IDX compatible, Point2 IDX is not included. Why? For one thing, some MLSs choose not to provide data feeds to member websites. We don’t want our Point2 Agent members to have to cover the cost of a feature they aren’t even able to use.

For another, some users already have an IDX provider contract with another company. Because our IDX service is not mandatory when you use Point Agent, we are able to help these members by integrating their existing IDX service into their Point2 Agent websites.

How much does Point2 IDX cost?

Point2 IDX is one of the most affordable search solutions on the market and offered in a variety of price ranges. A basic annual subscription for agents will end up costing you less than $29 a month (one-time setup fee of $99 excluded). An annual agent subscription with MapTracks is less than $59 a month. Month-to-month pricing is available, too, at a slightly higher rate.

What is the difference between standard Point2 IDX and Point2 IDX with MapTracks?

Our standard IDX gives your visitors the tools they need to search for properties with specific features. Resulting properties are provided in a list-type fashion.

IDX with MapTracks provides the same search tools and results, and then takes the IDX experience a step further by displaying properties on an interactive map. Your website visitors will see their search results displayed on a user-friendly map with indicators that show where the properties are located, as well as other geographic features like school districts, bodies of water, local amenities, etc.


IDX with MapTracks displays property search results on an interactive map.

What if I already have IDX from another provider?

No problemo. If you already have IDX that’s provided by your MLS or even a competitor, you can integrate it into your Point2 Agent website at absolutely no cost. We’re flexible like that.

What if I have an agent website from another provider?

Point2 IDX can be integrated into almost any website you own using HTML code that is specific to your account with us.

Do you have an example of a Point2 Agent website with extra nifty IDX integration?

You bet we do! OK, so maybe we aren’t frequently asked this question, but we should be. Once you have IDX, there’s no reason you need to limit it to just one page of your agent website. Instead, you can set up multiple pages that feature a variety of IDX search criteria.

For example, if you’re by the beach, you could dedicate a page to oceanfront properties and include an IDX search that only returns listings with a water view. Or you can have a page with an IDX search just for foreclosures. Check out how Point2 Agent Tony Pinerri created listings by area, price and type using IDX.

p2 IDX listings

Keep prospects on your site by using IDX searches to create a variety of popular listings pages.

Answers to other commonly asked IDX questions can be found here. If you feel like you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comments below!


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