Has Real Estate Gone to the Dogs?


As a real estate agent, you know that somewhere out there is the perfect house for everyone. There are houses for young professionals, houses for retirees, houses for people who love airplanes and houses for people who really, really like cheetahs.

But did you know that there is also specialty real estate for dogs? And chickens and fish and cats and even hermit crabs? Today, just for fun, we’ve gathered up a collection of unique houses you may never have the chance to list… but we hope you enjoy looking at them!

Rachel Hunter’s Dog House

pet real estate dogs

Only $30,000 for a Mexican-style hacienda with a handcrafted red tile roof? Sold! Oh wait, you say it’s a dog house? Shucks.

This stylish casa is home to the pups of actress Rachel Hunter and was built to match her own home. It features window boxes, porch lights and terra cotta floors. If you want to see more outrageous dog houses, click here.

The Infamous Neiman Marcus Chicken Coop

pet real estate

No urban farming endeavor is complete with a chicken coop. Sure, you could build one yourself OR you could plunk down the $100,000 (we’re not joking) for a bespoke Versailles-inspired multi-storied mansion complete with a chandelier (still not joking). Featured in last year’s Nieman Marcus holiday ‘fantasy gifts’ catalog, this fowl piece of real estate costs a lot more than many human houses do! Want to take a peek inside? Check out this slideshow.

A (Sub)Urban Reef

pet real estate fish

Q: When is it good for a single-family home to be underwater?
A: When it’s helping build the community… the coral reef community, that is!

Tucked below the surface of the warm waters in Cancun, Mexico is an entire community of traditional, suburban homes that are not just underwater, they are completely submerged! Designed by Jason deCaires Taylor as a part of his Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA), this Urban Reef is more than a fascinating feat of underwater sculpture. Created with the needs of the reef inhabitants in mind, these homes were built to encourage coral growth and offer homes to creatures that have been displaced as a result of ecosystem destruction in recent years.

fish house 2

Crab Castles

pet real estate hermit crab

After Japanese artist Aki Inomata discovered that her pet hermit crabs were more than happy to move into plastic shells she created using a 3D printer, she decided to take their habitats to the next level. Inomata’s luxe-looking habitats “imitate the architecture of various countries,” including castles, windmills and skyscraper-laden skylines with an icy appearance.

Real Cat Real Estate

And finally, here we have an example of a real-life listing sure to please even the finickiest felines.You might recognize this recently-sold San Diego listing from TV; it has made the news more than a few times. Owners Bob Walker and Frances Mooney retrofitted it to create the ultimate playground for their nine-cat brood. The 1,300-square-foot home includes an elaborate maze of ramps, stairways and tunnels.

pet real estate cat

Recently the couple decided to move across the country, so it was time to sell. While they did give the house a fresh (white) paint job, they didn’t do anything to alter or remove the kitty jungle gym. And the result? The house sold in just one day. To a couple that don’t even own a cat! Guess we’ll have to take that as more proof that the market is recovering.

Have you ever come across a fancy piece of pet real estate? Tell us about it below!

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