Staging a Home: Small Changes Mean More Money


staging a homeFirst impressions speak volumes, whether we are meeting a new person, entering a new city or viewing a prospective purchase.  These first impressions are particularly critical when a buyer is viewing photos of a home online or standing on the sidewalk looking at what might be one of the biggest purchases of their life.  It is estimated that first impressions are made within the first thirty seconds, if not sooner.

Thirty seconds?

That doesn’t leave much room, or time, for error.  So how do you work with your sellers to ensure that their home looks attractive, inviting, homey and interesting enough to say “I’m worth buying” in those thirty seconds?

One word: staging.

A staged home will get more attention than one that has not been staged, as there are some key guidelines to staging that makes the home look bigger, brighter and cozier.  There are a number of companies who are professionals at staging, and they are definitely worth investigating if you and your sellers do not feel confident in doing the staging yourself.  If your seller is willing to pay for a professional, then go for it.

If not, there are some cost-effective ways you can do the staging yourself.  Check out some strategies in this Point2 University resource.

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