Creating Blog Posts: Strategies for Igniting Creativity


We’ve all been there: you need to create a blog post, but the words just won’t flow. The blank white screen stares at you, mocking your efforts. Grabbing a coffee or listening to an inspiring song doesn’t help. The white goes on for miles and miles…

Don’t fret. Here is a practical list of tips and suggestions to help ignite the spark of creativity:

1. Keep It Simple

All too often in life, we complicate what should be simple. Blog posts don’t need to be feature-length articles. They can be short and sweet tips that would be beneficial for your clients. An example: “When preparing the house for a showing, remove all personal photos, drawings, and effects from the rooms.” An elaboration as to why and how this benefits the seller would add to the topic, but you get the idea. What is the one sentence point that you wish to communicate? Having that foundation may help the words flow. creating blog posts

2. Create a List

Blog posts that offer lists for anything from renovating a kitchen to preparing a house for walk-throughs intrigues readers. Lists are so convenient! Anybody can print it off and use it as a guide for their own reference.

3. Draw from Other Sources

Especially with blog posts, your content can be about something you just read or your reflections on something in the media or on television. It might be wise to avoid topics that might be seen as offensive, but that’s your call.

4. Share Your Struggles

Nobody is perfect…that is what makes us human! Sharing your struggles with others is sometimes very therapeutic and helpful. Ask your readers what they might want to hear about, considering it is them reading it.

Most of all: have fun and be yourself! Your blog is a great way to start that online relationship with your readers.

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