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Yesterday’s blog post shared 5 easy tips for buyer consultations that will help you secure new home buying clients, but what about home selling clients? The seller consultation – also known as your listing presentation – is the key to winning more listings.

To convince home sellers that you’re the real estate agent that will sell their home the fastest and for the highest price, you need to be prepared with a presentation that highlights your marketing strategies and your experience. Bring your computer or tablet to the listing presentation and prepare to touch on these 9 critical issues:

listing presentation tipsListing on the MLS

Every agent can enter a listing in the MLS. Your job is to demonstrate how you will do it best. How you will make their listing the most appealing it can be and represent it the most accurately. Tell them that you will include key neighborhood information and showcase their property on your website, too. If you have current listings, pull them up and look at them together so you can point out your listing strengths.

Photos & Virtual Tours

Photos are the first thing potential buyers look at. How are you going to market their home with photos? Do you offer professional photography services? Do you take more photos than other agents in your area? Can you help with or recommend home staging services? Explain everything you do to make their listing photos stand out from the pack. Speaking of making photos come alive, this is a great time to queue up a virtual tour!

Property sites

Will you offer sellers their own dedicated property website, complete with a top-level domain they can share with friends? This is a powerful and impressive listing tool that will really showcase their home. If you’re a Point2 Agent member, you’re in luck – every member gets access to at least one property site for free!

Listing Syndication

Exposure is everything! Beyond your website (and property site) and the MLS, where will today’s online home seekers be able to see this listing? This is the perfect time to explain how your Point2 membership enables you to syndicate a seller’s listing to over 60 of the most-trafficked real estate search portals on the web.

Social Media

Do you have a large network on social media? If you do, here’s your chance to brag about it. Having a lot of connections demonstrates that you are a trusted and valued member of the community. Show sellers where they can find you, how they can interact with you and how you will use social media to share key features of their home with your friends, family and colleagues. It’s another great way to boost exposure.


With more and more buyers searching for homes on their smartphones and tablets, it’s important to show that you are keeping up. Use your smartphone to demonstrate your mobile-friendly Point2 Agent website. Even Point2 Agent virtual tours are mobile-friendly!

Offline Advertising

Offline marketing has its place, too. Bring full-color samples of any brochures, flyers or ads you’ve made for previous listings. Bonus points if you have time to mock one up for their home before the presentation.

Prepare to share photos and success stories from open houses and answer any other questions the seller might have. If the seller wants to see their home listed in the newspaper, will you do that?


Provide statistics that demonstrate your above average performance, like a high list price to sell price ratio or a faster than average selling rate for your area. Don’t know where to find this information? Just ask your MLS.

Client Reviews

And finally, don’t forget to share client reviews. Happy customers are the best endorsement. Share quotes, photos of new homeowners and even video testimonials if you have them. For quick and easy customer videos, try Vine or the new video feature on Instagram. Sellers will be impressed with how tech-savvy you are! 

Of course, pricing and commission are also important variables during a listing presentation (and each probably deserves its own dedicated blog post). But by demonstrating how your marketing strategies go above and beyond before you talk about price, you’ll earn their trust and get them excited to list with you right off the bat. Then you can talk about numbers.

Do you have one go-to listing presentation or do you tailor each meeting to fit the prospective clients?

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