Color Your World…and Website…and Listings…


We all know the colors that we like, and those we don’t. We gravitate towards certain color schemes, and totally pass over those that we find uninteresting, too cold, too bold or just plain nasty.

Colors have a huge effect on our emotions and the way in which we interact with the world.

This is certainly true with respect to prospective buyers. When they see marketing pieces, house exteriors and property interiors, those natural reactions to colors still occur. This means that color choice is critical when creating your website, making your marketing materials and selling your listings.

Coloured Globe

Where to start?

For your sellers, they may want to consider the paint colors they use in the interior walls of the house, so as to highlight the key attributes of the rooms, whether that be high ceilings, large windows or creating a cozy feeling in a large space. Certain color schemes work better in certain conditions. In general, take a look at the colors of our world and what emotions they often create in people. That is a great place to start when understanding human reactions to colors, in terms of good feelings created, as well as reactions that might be cause for alarm.

For the exterior of the property, they may want to consider being unique, yet blending in to the environment around them. That causes less shock to the prospective buyer’s system when seeing the house for the first time.

Color can really work to create the mood and atmosphere that is conducive to shortening the sales process and showing the listing, and you, in your best light!



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