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amy jones point2 agent successToday we’ve got another Point2 Agent Success Story for you. You might recognize Amy Jones, a top broker in the Chandler, Arizona area, from a recent email we sent out to our members to show you how to get your picture to show up in Google Search results. Amy is a great example of an agent who is leveraging the power of technology to attract more prospects.

… A huge portion of our business comes directly from my Point2 Agent site, which ranks on page 1 of Google for many local real estate search terms.

Although not originally from Arizona, Amy likes to say that she “got here as soon as [she] could!” Amy’s clients value her friendly manner, positive attitude and ability to get results. In fact, Amy was voted Chandler’s BEST REALTOR® 2 years in a row by Arizona Foothills Magazine reader poll and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Agents by the Phoenix Business Journal. Read on to discover how Point2 Agent has helped Amy stay at the top of her game in her local market:

When, where and why did you get started in real estate?

I started selling real estate part-time in the early 80’s in Illinois. When I relocated to Chandler, Arizona in 2001 I decided to focus on real estate as a career.  My first year in the business in Arizona, I ranked #2 in sales at my office even though I didn’t know a soul when I got here. Many would say real estate is a sphere business. I say it’s a people and technology business.

What are your primary challenges in your market?

The Phoenix metro real estate market was one of the hardest hit by the recession. However, my business has continued to grow year over year. I did not focus on short sales or foreclosures, however. I simply kept doing what I was doing… taking great care of my clients and staying on top of new technology as it related to real estate.

What made you choose Point2 Agent?

Point2 Agent is easy to use. I loved being able to design my website to reflect my personality. This was back in 2002. I remember at the time, other agents saying that real estate on the Internet was a phase, that you don’t need your own website. Thankfully, I didn’t listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them are out of business now.

What is your primary goal for your website? Where have you seen success?

My goal was for my website to be an extension of me. It’s a way for the public to connect with me on a personal level while accessing comprehensive real estate information for the Chandler area. As I tweaked my website to adapt it to what people were looking for, I continued to climb in the search engines.

amy jones point2 agent website

Amy Jones has had her Point2 Agent site for over a decade – and she updates it every week!

What is your most popular webpage?

Our Chandler School Boundaries page is one of our most popular pages, followed by our home search pages.

How often do you update your website content? Do you do it yourself, have an assistant or hire outside help?

I update my website myself at least once a week and often more than that. Fresh content is imperative. And I have an assistant who inputs all of our listings the day they go on the market.

How have you seen technology impact your business in recent years?

My business has continued to grow and a huge portion of our business comes directly from my Point2 Agent site, which ranks on page 1 of Google for many local real estate search terms.

Do you have any tips for real estate agents who are just starting out?

Responsiveness and consistency are the keys to success today. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of agents on the Internet.  If you don’t respond to an inquiry quickly – preferably within minutes – the prospect will just call the next agent on the list.

Always run your business like a business. When you’re busy with clients, don’t stop marketing. When you’re not busy with clients, stop whining and keep marketing, staying on top of new technology while implementing those ideas that excite you. Most importantly, if marketing doesn’t excite you, you’ll never do it… so hire someone.

If you build it, they will come… but if nobody’s home when they get there, they won’t hang around long!

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your experience with Point2 Agent with us. If any of our readers have questions about her story or her website, we encourage you to leave them in the comments below. Just like she advises other agents above, we’ve discovered that Amy’s response time is super fast!

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