Are You Using Video to Your Advantage?


In a recent Success Series webinar, Jack Cotton, author of Selling Luxury Homes, discussed how he went from riding a bike to his open houses to driving the car of his dreams. He also indicated that everyone could do this, as they have access to selling luxury homes, as it is the top 10% of your market! Find out more here.

Part of Jack’s success is due to his use of video on his listings – and also on his website and blog.real estate video

Video is a very powerful medium, as it allows people to connect with you, your listings and your services in a very personalized manner.

Worried about how you look or sound on video? Don’t be!

People connect with people. Seeing and hearing you exactly as you sound in real-life is very powerful, and actually works to help build up the online relationship you are creating with your online viewers. People buy from people, after all!

Need some assistance? Check out these great resources from Michael Krisa, That Interview Guy, discussing how to use video to list and sell more properties. Use an iPad? Michael also did a special iPad-specific session that covers a great $5 app that you will definitely want to use!

Most of all, have fun with those videos! We’d love to see you in action, so feel free to share your websites with us!


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