Card Game II: Business Cards Go Digital


digital business cardWe’re sure you’ve made improvements to your real estate business over the last ten years. But what about your business card? Business card technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years, allowing professionals to transmit contact information digitally and instantaneously.

Take a look at what the digital business cards of the future can do for you and how today’s newest apps will help you retire that clunky ol’ rolodex.

Cards of the Future


Moo’s NFC business cards look just like a regular business card. They feel just like a regular business card. And you can hand them out just like a regular business card. So what makes them digital? The secret is the near-field communication (NFC) chip hidden inside. Embedded within the card is a super tiny microchip that contains a super big surprise: just tap the card against any smartphone to get it to do your bidding. Yes, your NFC business card just has to touch a phone to tell it to save your contact details, view your listings, download your resume… almost anything you can think of, it can be programmed to do.


Billed as “the only mobile contact sharing application with the familiar look and form of a traditional business card,” SnapDat allows you to create multiple digital business cards on your iPhone. Once you download this free app, you’ll always have a digital replica of your business card with you that you can share via email. Your info will be added to the recipient’s address book automatically. You can even embed a link to your LinkedIn page or Twitter feed. For more details, click the photo below.



Icon is a cloud-based digital business card system that provides users with contact information that is current, accessible and easily shareable. Icons go above and beyond basic info by allowing you to curate content from your social feeds to add articles, posts and photos that represent who you are professionally. It even tracks analytics to show you who has viewed, saved and shared your Icon and what things you may have in common with those people.

In essence, your Icon is a super deluxe digital business card that never runs out and tells you where it’s been and who it’s seen along its journey. And that’s pretty good for the bargain price of… oh, it’s free! Visit their site to watch a neat video about how it works.

Retire the Rolodex


Bump is one of the easiest ways to share your information without leaving a cluttered paper trail. Simply download the app (iOS or android) to share and receive contact information when you tap your smartphone to another Bump-enabled device. Beyond passing along your professional contact info, you can also “bump” selected photos to other devices and chat with people you have bumped.


Business cards everywhere and no time to input them all? This LinkedIn-affiliated free app is exactly what you need to deal with your ever-growing business card collection. Just use your smartphone to take a picture of a business card, and it will be converted into a new contact automatically. Images are transcribed by actual humans to improve accuracy. CardMunch also displays that person’s LinkedIn profile information and connections that you have in common, so you can connect via social media as easily as you already did in real life.

For a list of information you should make sure to include on your business card, digital or otherwise, read Card Game: Optimize Your Real Estate Business Card.

We’re sure you have a stack of cards on your desk or dresser, maybe even lurking in your car’s center console. Have you tried any of the digital business card solutions above? Let us know what you think!

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