Paint Colors That Sell: Best Interior Home Choices


paint colors that sellWhat one thing do 94% of real estate agents agree will help sell a house? A fresh coat of paint! But it can’t be just any color, of course. Sellers who invest in an interior paint job that invites buyers to mentally move-in can see big rewards, like less time on the market and higher offers. But what exactly does this mean? What colors get the most favorable reactions?

When painting the interior of a house to appeal to the majority of buyers and ultimately sell for the highest price, you want to choose colors that…


Cool colors reflect light and can appear to recede, enlarging small areas. A monochromatic color scheme can also make a space feel larger. To really create a feeling of spaciousness in a room, choose a soft blue, watery green, cool gray or white with a blue undertone, then coordinate your trim and textiles in a similar tint or shade. 


Organic shades of green, brown and blue receive a positive response from most people and are a great choice for personal sanctuary spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re easy to live with and aren’t likely to result in a “Get me out of here!” reaction during home showings.


Warm colors, like sandy beiges, rich browns and muted reds or plums, will give a cavernous space a sense of intimacy. When painting, it’s important to be mindful of your environment, especially when using warm shades. These cozy colors work well with wood floors, bronze finishes and some period architecture but will look out of place in an airy beach house or bright garden setting.


Create an accent wall to highlight a special feature – like a fireplace or built-in bookshelves – but don’t overdo it. Avoid choosing a bright or dramatic color that contrasts with the rest of the room. Instead, select a color that is 2 or 3 shades lighter or darker than the one used on the other walls, for a subtle but noticeable difference that will intrigue rather than intimidate.


Paint heater vents and other unavoidable fixtures the same color as the walls to minimize distractions – they should not be the first things buyers spot when they visit your home.

paint colors that sell

A neutral paint color, fresh white trim and a cohesive palette make this home look move-in ready to potential buyers.

Synopsis: Select muted colors for the most universal appeal. Avoid dramatic darks or brights that may cause buyers to react negatively to the color before considering the room. Also avoid pure white; choose a warmer or cooler tint instead.

Expert Tip: When preparing to sell, use a similar palette throughout the house to unite the rooms. Too many different colors can look disjointed.

But I’m Just Having Fun!

Why didn’t you say so? If you’re just having fun decorating your digs – and aren’t necessarily looking to sell – download the free Adobe® Kuler app to experiment with color palettes. Kuler extracts inspiring color themes from images on your phone, like photos you’ve taken or pics from the web. It’s an easy way to take color inspiration from your favorite painting or snapshot.

The Kuler app creates deluxe, editable color palettes from images in your phone.

The Kuler app creates deluxe, editable color palettes from images in your phone.

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