Market Walkability to Add Value to Your Properties


walkabilityPedestrian-friendly neighborhoods are worth their weight in gold. Today’s buyers and renters seek properties that are within walking distance of their favorite restaurants, bars and shops. This trend springs from a raising awareness of environmental stewardship, personal health and hyper-local pride.

Check out five tips that will help real estate professionals get the most out of their walk-friendly listings.

  1. Targeted Learning Agents should learn as much as possible about clients’ interests and daily routines. When pursuing  listings, target properties that are surrounded by the amenities, shops and businesses that your clients are most likely to use. There is no need to make numerous lengthy trips to properties. Get a head start use Google’s Around Me app or Street View to find what you’re looking for with less travel.
  2. Show, Don’t Tell It’s not enough to simply state that your listed property provides easy access to shopping and dining. Create a screen shot of the neighborhood’s Walk Score page and include it in your listing. “Walk Score makes it easy for people to understand how the location of a home, office or hotel impacts their experience and lifestyle” says CEO of Walk Score Josh Herst. Prospects can see the businesses and amenities—by name and location—which adds tangible, quantifiable value in their eyes.
  3. Get Out and Walk! Weather permitting, build in time to take clients on a brief walking tour of the neighborhood surrounding the property of interest. Driving is fine but prized restaurants, businesses and parks can become a blur. Walking gives house hunters the opportunity to observe the details and envision themselves in the area. It will also give them the opportunity to interact with local residents and initiate a sense of belonging.
  4. Sensory Indulgence Integrate as many senses as possibly into the experience. When taking your walk of the neighborhood, add a bit of charm by picking up coffee, tea or pastries to-go. Potential buyers can attach a pleasant taste and aroma to the property with very little effort—not to mention that they experience the convenience of walkability firsthand.
  5. Man’s Best Friend Walkability is important to most hip buyers, but it is even more important for buyers with pets. If your clients are pet owners or your listing is in a pet-friendly area, be sure to note dog parks, pet supply stores and veterinarians that are nearby. If possible, invite the pooch to tag along for the walking tour of the neighborhood.

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascon, a writer for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog — as part of a post exchange.

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