Real Estate’s Hidden Treasures


Recently, an eye-catching headline started us daydreaming about tearing down a few walls. Was it an article about the popularity of open floor plans in Architectural Digest or Remodeling Magazine? No. Rather, it was as an article on the Huffington Post titled “Action Comics #1 Copy Found Inside Wall Of Man’s House, Already Fetching Over $100,000” that inspired us to reach for our sledgehammers.

How often are priceless treasures – or terrifying wonders – discovered in a home after purchase? More often than you might expect. Today we’ll introduce you to 3 real estate hidden treasure discoveries that will have you wondering – who exactly was their home inspector?

$100,000 Comic in $10,000 House

When David Gonzalez bought a $10,100 fixer upper in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, he probably saw the writing on the walls – a little hard work could turn him a tidy profit. What he didn’t realize at the time, though, was that it would actually be the writing IN the walls that would result in a surprising windfall.

While checking out his insulation, Gonzalez discovered an original copy of Action Comics #1 (famous for containing the first appearance of Superman) dating from 1938 hidden in the walls. Although the back cover was torn in the subsequent rush to separate the 70-year old comic from the assortment of newspapers it shared space with, Gonzalez’s find is worth more than 10 times the amount he spend on the house. $141,000 is the current high bid on online auction site Comic Connect, but there’s still time to get in on the action. The auction doesn’t end until next Tuesday.

Backyard Buried Treasure

In Rupert, Idaho a couple working on a home renovation project was digging in the backyard when they struck… gold? No, silver! Their shovels unearthed a plastic tube filled with silver bars worth about $2,600 apiece, for a grand total of almost $47,000!

Instead of saying ‘finders keepers,’ James and Brytten Sievers did a little more digging to track down the pirate original owner of the buried treasure, a man named Clint Nelson who had since moved to Utah. Apparently, one of Nelson’s clients had paid him in silver and, tired of looking at it, Nelson had decided to hide it in the yard for safekeeping almost 30 years prior to the Sievers’ discovery. When James and Brytten drove to Utah to return the treasure to Nelson, Nelson declared that his faith in humanity had been restored and accepted only half, giving the new homeowners a $20,000+ housewarming gift. Click here to read the full story.

Bombshell in the Cupboard

Not all treasures have to be good, right? Oh, they do? Oops! We thought this find was just too remarkable to pass unmentioned. In Wales, a 24-year-old homeowner was giving his parents a tour of his new house when he found two WWII artillery shells, one 18lb and one 16lb, tucked inside the kitchen cupboards.

The 18lb shell was empty, but the 16lb shell turned out to be packed with live explosives! Police officers alerted a bomb disposal who transported the active shell to the beach to carry out a controlled explosion. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it definitely made a crater in the sand.

Have you or your buyers ever found anything hidden in a house? Tell us about your most interesting finds below!


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