3 Savvy Steps to Building Your Personal Brand [Recording]


Success Series Webinar with Robert Allan Paul: Recap

3 savvy steps personal brandIf you’re not distinct, you’ll soon be extinct. – Terri Murphy

That Terri Murphy (our webinar hostess with the most-est) is one smart cookie, isn’t she? In a marketplace that seems saturated with a growing number of agents, you’ve got to stand out to get hired. Yesterday’s webinar with Robert Allan Paul, a 30-year branding/marketing/advertising veteran, showed attendees how to do exactly that.

Why you?

Learn how to expertly answer the inevitable question. Robert Allan shared one easy exercise that will help you create your unique brand statement. His step-by-step method helps you focus on authenticity and identify what makes you different.  Your resulting brand statement can be used on all of your marketing materials, including your website, to build your personal brand.

It’s been said that the mind only has room for 1-2 brands per category. This webinar gives you the tools to help you ensure that your brand makes the cut in your local real estate market. Develop your distinct brand positioning today. All you need is paper, a pen and 36 minutes to watch the recording.

And stay tuned to the very end for a free offer that will help you take your personal branding to the next level.

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  • Laura Ellis says:

    Loved this video – couldn’t make the webinar (was working!), but very glad I watched this. Been struggling with how to write my elevator speech and this gave me a great process to use. I feel like I can actually do this now! Thank you.

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