Card Game: Optimize Your Real Estate Business Card


Your business card: You have a stack in your wallet. You hand them out at networking events and your kid’s ball games and opportune meetings at coffee shops. But when was the last time you actually looked at your own business card?

If you just took out one of your cards out to see if it’s exactly as you remember it, it might be time to reevaluate.

Your real estate business card should be memorable. It should accurately reflect your business and your brand to anyone who sees it, without detracting from its purpose: providing your contact information. Here are some things to consider if you think it might be time for a business card update.


People look at your business card for specific information – how to contact you! Make sure the quickest points of contact are the largest pieces of information on the card next to your name. In most cases that means your cell phone number and your email. Since this is 2013, you can probably scratch things like fax numbers, office numbers, secondary emails and mailing address. real estate business cards

Be sure to include:
Your name
Your brokerage name
Your phone number
Your web address
Your email address


If you have marketing materials that work for you, like a tried-and-true slogan or great headshot, experiment with working them into the design of your card (just make sure they don’t detract from the above).


Take time to consider design elements that will make your card stand out from the pack. Put color branding to work for you by choosing colors that align with your logo and website design. Other options to consider include rounded corners and letterpress printing. And there are literally endless different types of paper or card stock you can use to give your card a unique presentation that fits your personal brand and gives a different ‘tactile’ experience to those you give it to. Looking for some ideas? Try looking into thin wood or metal material for your cards!

Another thing we’ve noticed after being in the real estate business for over a decade now is that unconventional sized business cards really stand out. When we go to a trade show and get dozens (sometimes hundreds) of business cards from clients, the ones that are a unique size and shape invariably end up on the top of the pile. Some might counter this argument and say that non-standard-sized cards get discarded more quickly because they can’t fit into your wallet or purse, but in our experience if you can get a card into a prospects hands, it will stick with them… and if it can’t fit into their wallet/purse that just means more exposure and interaction time with it. Check out these great examples of non-standard business cards that are memorable and usable.

Ready to be inspired by some real-life real estate business card examples?

Take a look at all the bright ideas here and here. And check out this article for some truly out-of-the-box business card designs.

We hope this post has helped you look at your cards with fresh eyes. Whether you’re looking to do some minor tweaks or a major redesign, here are a variety of online resources that can help: – The best online business card printing service, hands down. Nothing comes close to the price and quality they offer. – Another great online printer. A great option for Canadian and international businesses as well. Not to mention all sorts of other printing. – A terrific inspiration resource for business cards. Access free or premium templates or connect with designers to create a look you love!

If you think you have a standout real estate business card, tell us about it below!

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