Point2 Agent Success Story: Kanoa Biondolillo of Baja123.com


Kanoa Biondolillo Baja123.com Point2 Agent SuccessIt’s time for another Point2 Agent Success Story! Kanoa Biondolillo is the Chief Inspiration Officer behind Baja123, a real estate brokerage in Rosarito, Mexico that he started with his father almost a decade ago. Today, their Point2 Agent website is one of the top search results for many real estate keywords in their selling areas, largely thanks to Kanoa’s self-taught SEO and online marketing skills – skills he acquired through hours of independent study and by attending various corporate training sessions.

When I found Point2 Agent, it allowed me, a person who had never built a website before, to create a very customizable site that works for our real estate business.  

In fact, Kanoa says, “We have more leads than we know what to do with.” Just how many leads is Baja123.com getting? And what exactly did they do to get that many? And how do they plan to stay at the top of their game? We recently sat down with Kanoa to get the answers to these questions and more. Get ready to take some notes…

When, where & why did you get started in real estate?

My father and I have been buying and selling real estate since I was a young boy. We also had a cellular company that was one of the first five in the United States, so real estate was not our primary business until 2003. In the early part of the first decade of this century real estate was booming and we decided that we wanted to change our focus from cellular to real estate. Because of where we lived, we visited Mexico often and noticed the real estate opportunities that were emerging there. So we sold most of our real estate in California and moved to Rosarito, MX.

When did you start using Point2 Agent? What made you choose us?

We started using Point2 Agent in late 2005. I was looking for options for our company website and found Point2 Agent online. I had never built a website before, but at the time we were quoted $16,000 per month to do what I wanted done with our website. This was way over our budget so it was not an option. I needed to find a way to I could create the website I envisioned it but with a much smaller budget. When I found Point2 Agent, it allowed me, a person who had never built a website before, to create a very customizable site that works for our real estate business.

What are your primary goals for your website? Where have you seen success?

LEADS LEADS LEADS! When we moved our real estate company to Mexico from the United States, we were brand new and we needed leads. The Point2 Agent Handshake feature was very attractive to us, but at the time there were only 3 other Point2 Agent members in all of Mexico. Not a lot of properties to Handshake!

So I started learning SEO. I spent a lot of time studying SEO and was able to position our website for some of the top keywords for our area. Because of that other real estate companies thought that our Internet success was because of Point2 Agent. This was a huge bonus for us; other agents in our area signed up with Point2 Agent and the snowball effect started, resulting in more properties being put into the Handshake system.

Eventually most of the agents in Mexico decided to Handshake with us and, because of this, our site became one of the top English-speaking real estate websites for all of Mexico over the next few years. Currently we have 1000’s of Handshake listings showing up on our site, which is one of the key reasons we have so much traffic.

How many leads would you estimate that you get from your Point2 Agent website per month?

Right now on Baja123 we are getting an average of:

  • About 400 new prospects per month
  • About 15,000 to 20,000 unique visitors per month
  • Around 200,000 page views a month
  • Almost 60,000 listing views a month

We have a 15,000 member active opt-in database that we market to on a regular basis, and we come up on the 1st page for 1000’s of Mexico real estate-related search terms in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is your most popular webpage?

Besides the obvious home page, it is the listing pages. 70% of all of our traffic is on the listing pages. The information pages allow us to be found for important Mexico keywords, but people spend most of their time looking at listings. The better experience they have on the listing pages, the more time they spend on our site and the more they keep coming back to our site.

How often do you update website content? Do you do it yourself, have an assistant or hire outside services (graphic designers etc…)?

We constantly update our website and use all of the above to help us. For the first 3 years it was myself, my father and one other person that did most of the website work. But as the site started to grow we needed to get more help. We currently have 1000’s of pages of content along with the listing pages, and I do bring in outside people to help. But most of the work on the site is still created and managed by myself and my father.

How have you seen technology impact your business in recent years?

The biggest change I have noticed for our industry is that it is all going online. The real estate agents of the future will need to be able to navigate through the online world in order to be relevant. Open house events, signs in yards, and mixers are fading away.  96% of all real estate searches begin online. What used to take a team of 8 people to run our office can now be done with 2 support people. Virtual assistants, VOIP phone systems, cloud computing and websites like Point2 Agent are game changers for real estate.

Are there any other challenges in your market that Point2 has helped you with?

I am a huge fan of the developers at Point2 Agent. They have allowed one website like ours to stand out and be able to be seen online in a sea of other real estate agents and agencies. I truly believe that without our Point2 Agent website our agency would not be in business today.

And finally, do you have any tips for real estate agents who are just starting out?

My recommendation is to pick one online avenue to become really good at. Stick with it and be the best. Drive all your traffic from that avenue back to your Point2 Agent site’s listing pages. Work on your drip campaigns. Brand yourself and your talents to match your traffic’s needs. Today, more than ever before, you have to have the digital tools that will help you keep up with this rapidly changing world. You don’t want to be the blacksmith making horseshoes as the automobile is driving by your shop. You have chosen an industry that will give you huge rewards if you set your goals high enough. Remember it is better to set your goals high and miss them than to set them too low and make them.

Baja123 Point2 Agent Success

This Point2 Agent website attracts over 15,000 unique visitors per month!

Our sincerest thanks go out to Kanoa for sharing his amazing Point2 Success Story with our readers. If anyone has any questions or comments, we encourage you to leave a note below.

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    I thorougly enjoy the Baja 123 Site. It is The most informative of various websites that specialize in RE matters involving Mexican properties and sales trends. I highly recommend the site .

  • It’s great to hear your success story. The key to a great website is a great platform and good SEO.

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