Summer Home Staging Tips


The real estate market is heating up and temperatures are, too. We’ve got a fresh batch of home staging tips that will help your sellers get their homes sold during the summer months. And, in classic Point2 fashion, we’ve had a little fun with it and added some actual listing photos that show you what NOT to do!

Clean the Pool

BBQ pool summer home staging

Buy this house and you could host a pool party complete with a backyard barbecue.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Now is the time to show prospective buyers just how inviting and wonderful your pool is. Make sure it’s sparking and spotless, stash the kids’ toys and set up an inviting seating area nearby.

Tame the Wilderness

landscaping summer home staging tips

Backyard comes with sugarcane forest and makeshift soccer goal. House optional.

Visiting buyers expect to see your yard in all its glory during this time of year. Make sure hedges are trimmed, the lawn is green and beds are clean. Plant inexpensive flowers in bright colors to draw eyes to the very best parts of your yard. Cut back any plants that are blocking windows.

Prep the Deck

bad deck

Dreamy hot-weather workouts await!

Summer months are the best time to virtually increase your square footage by using outdoor living space to your advantage. Power wash the deck or patio, knock down spider webs and clean your outdoor furniture. Create a space that invites visitors to imagine themselves relaxing outdoors. Chairs, flowers, pillows, candles… small touches can make a big difference.

Lighten Up

At last, the perfect summer listing for vampires.

Make the most of summer sunshine by lightening up around the house. Swap out dark towels, blankets and curtains for lighter colors. Add a bright rug or some new throw pillows that celebrate the season. Fresh flowers are always a good idea.

Wash the Windows

A close up of this awesome window was totally a great idea. Good job!

Of course, you should clean the windows no matter what the season, but in the summer this step is especially important. All that sunlight streaming in can make smudges and smears more obvious. Dirty windows make buyers wonder if anything else is actually clean.

Put On Some Clothes

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Silly, but so true! Make sure your clothes are on your body and not anywhere else, not the laundry line, the bedroom floor or the couch. Hot weather often inspires people to wear less, but having swimsuits drying around the pool during a showing is a no-no. And what you see above is an even bigger no-no… we don’t care how hot it is!

What are your top staging tips for summer that will help more listings get sold? Share them below!

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