Real Estate Websites: Makeover Edition


real estate website makeoverIf there’s one thing television has taught us, it’s that everyone loves a good makeover. Whether the subject of the makeover is a weight loss success story or a spare bedroom that’s this close to appearing on an episode of Hoarders, we all like watching as someone or something is transformed into an even better version of itself.

What about real estate websites? Do you think real estate websites should get made over from time to time? We do. In fact, by performing a small annual makeover on your site, we think you can keep it refreshed and in tip top shape – hopefully avoiding a more drastic What Not to Wear style intervention.

To that end, we’ve pulled together 6 easy steps that will help you give your Point2 Agent real estate site a healthy makeover in one afternoon. Think of it as spring cleaning for your website.

 1. Check Your Contact Info

This seems obvious, but we see it all the time: a great homepage with incorrect or even no visible contact information. Take a minute to make sure that your name, phone number and email address are easy to spot on every page of your website.

2. Scan for Broken Links

Clicking a hyperlink that takes you on a road to nowhere is a total drag. Few things are less attractive to both online visitors and search engines alike than broken links. Check every link on your site to make sure it’s in working order. If not, either redirect or delete it.

3. Delete Old Content

Do you have any content on your site that refers to an event that already happened? How about market statistics from 2010 (or even earlier!)? Old content can give your leads the impression that your site – and, by extension, you – aren’t staying current. Delete outdated material to start fresh.

4. Refresh Your Visuals

Pictures and videos keep visitors on your site longer. Update photos periodically to give your leads something new to look at. This is also a good time to make sure all of your marketing collateral has a consistent look. Adjust colors and fonts accordingly. For color branding tips, click here.

5. Update Testimonials

We’re guessing you had some happy customers in the last year. Adding a testimonial or two is an easy way to put fresh content on your website. And it lets potential clients know that, yes, you’re still in business.

6. Adjust Social Settings

If you’ve joined a new platform this year or changed up your user names, update your social contact information. What? You don’t share your social media info anywhere on your website? Well, then it’s time to add that. Learn how to add social links and social sharing modules.

And poof, makeover magic! Completing just these 6 steps will help ensure that your site is gussied up… ahem… relevant and attractive to prospects. If you feel like a bigger change is merited, why not try on a new theme? With so many new home searches being conducted on-the-go, now is the time to go mobile. Use Preview Theme to ‘try on’ one (or more) of Point2 Agent’s many mobile themes. There’s absolutely no risk!

We hope this inspired you to try a mini-makeover! How often to you make time to update your website?

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