Tattoos (& Real Estate) Are For Life!


real estate tattooIs real estate not just your day job, but your life? Do you read market news over breakfast, take prospect calls on date night and schedule meetings on the weekend? You do? Ok then, it sounds like you’re pretty committed.

But would you get a real estate tattoo?!?

Some agents would! What was once very taboo for business professionals is now considered more mainstream. Agents sometimes get tattoos that reflect their personal style or beliefs. Or they may get tattoos that show their loyalty to their profession… or their brokerage.

Yes, you read that right.

Take, for example, the team at Rapid Realty, a New York brokerage. Over 30 of their agents have the Rapid Realty logo tattooed somewhere on their body, often somewhere very visible. It all started with one agent, Adam Altman, in 2011 and has since spread like wildfire among the Rapid Realty crew.

Of his decision to get the Rapid Realty logo tattooed on his arm, Altman says, “The company has been good to me. I don’t see myself going anywhere. If I have [the logo] on my arm, it’s going to force me to keep going and working hard.”

rapid realty real estate tattoo

What do you think? Brokers, do you inspire that kind of loyalty from your agents? Agents, do you feel that way about your brokerage? Or about real estate in general? Or about Point2? We’d be happy to mail our logo to the tattoo artist of your choice…

Already have tattoos? Perhaps, instead of covering them up, you should be using them for marketing like Eddy Milanes does. His website URL is and his homepage promises that his clients are like his tattoos, “permanent, meaningful & for life!” While this may not appeal to the most conservative of homebuyers, we bet there are people who relate to Eddy and may interview him to be their agent in spite of – or even because of – his tattoos. He certainly seems pretty popular, judging by his business’ Facebook page.

the tattooed realtor real estate tattoo

Feeling inspired to go out and get inked? We don’t blame you. Just remember, tattoos are for life. Kind of like real estate.

real estate tattoo comic

How do you feel about tattoos in real estate? If you have one, do you cover it up or leave it visible? Share your thoughts below!


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