Scripts for Success – Overcoming Seller Objections


Success Series Webinar with Bernice Ross, Part 2: Recap

SUCCESS scripts for sellers

“Will you reduce your commission?”

That’s about the last question you want to hear from potential home sellers after a killer listing presentation, right? But no matter how stellar of an agent you are, it’s probably happened to you. Buyers, sellers, everyone wants a deal. It’s up to you to convince them that they are already getting a deal… by choosing you to be their agent who helps them get the best possible price for their home.

To do that, you’ll need tools that will help you stay confident and in control in the face of even the most notorious seller objections. Enter the real estate script: game changing negotiation dialogue that is professional, straightforward and, most importantly, effective.

Our most recent Success Series webinar with real estate author and coach Bernice Ross taught participants how to use scripts to dig deeply into price objection and establish a solid commission defense. Bernice shared:

  • 3 proven strategies to persuade sellers to price their properties appropriately
  • 9 common objections and how to respond to win the listing
  • How to defend your commission by emphasizing your value
  • Online resources you can use when negotiating the sale price

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Extra Credit

After you watch the webinar, visit Point2 University to take our free e-learning course, Overcome the Toughest Seller Objections & Close More Sales. You can revisit the scripts from Bernice’s presentation, learn how to address additional seller objections and print out the course materials for future reference.

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