Responsive Real Estate Websites: Join the Club!


responsive real estate websitesHave you heard the news? – a leading online technology and news source – has declared 2013 the “year of responsive design.” What does that mean to you?

If you’re already a Point2 Agent member, it means you’re ahead of the pack!

Responsive design is a type of web design that results in optimal viewing on all screen types across all devices. Responsive web designs resize and reformat page content in response to screen size and resolution. In short, a responsive website is one that looks good and performs well on traditional computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s one size fits all – no separate mobile version required!

Major brands are converting their websites to responsive designs this year. For some, this can mean hiring or developing a new web team to do a complete overhaul over the course of weeks. You however, are much luckier. Point2 Agent already has over 30 responsive themes ready and waiting for you to try out. That’s right – all of our “mobile-friendly” themes are responsive, so they are easy for buyers and sellers to find and use no matter how they choose to access the internet. iPhone? Yep! Android tablet? Sure. Google Glass? iWatch? If predictions come true!

Top 3 benefits of responsive real estate websites:

aka why you should start thinking about a mobile-friendly theme

 1. Great for SEO
Responsive design is Google’s recommended configuration. If that’s not enough to get you going (though we really think it should be), consider that responsive websites tend to appear higher in search rankings than sites with mobile versions. If you have one responsive, mobile-friendly site and your competitor has two versions of their site – a standard and a mobile URL – your single site will probably be indexed faster.

2. More User-Friendly
Users prefer responsive sites because they get access to the same presentation, content and functions no matter which device they’re using. If you consider that many potential buyers may start their home search on their laptop and then switch to their smartphones throughout the course of the day, it’s only logical to make sure they have the same user-experience from one screen to the other. Having a separate mobile site – that usually has less content and different navigation – doesn’t make sense. A responsive design that performs the same across all devices can decrease your bounce rate.

3. Less Work
Although switching your site to a mobile-friendly, responsive theme may seem like a lot of work now, maintaining one site that works on all devices is a lot less work than maintaining multiple versions of your site in the long run. If you have copy updates or are running a promotion, you only need to edit your content once to have it appear correctly to all viewers, regardless of which device a prospect uses to access your site.

Are you ready to try a responsive, mobile-friendly theme? Simply log in to your Point2 Agent account and click Edit under your Agent Site from the main page. Select Themes from the Manage Website dropdown, and choose from over 30 mobile-friendly themes. Click Preview to “try on” a theme without affecting your current site. There’s absolutely no risk!

This post was adapted from a longer article on the Yardi corporate blog. To read the original post and learn more about responsive design, click here.

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