Scripts for Success – Overcoming Buyer Objections


Success Series Webinar with Bernice Ross: Recap

negotiationHave you worked long hours to find your buyers the perfect house – exactly what they told you they were looking for – only to hear something like this:

          We really like this house, but we want to keep looking.
          We want a better area.
          It’s cheaper for me to rent.

Sound familiar?

Now what if you knew how to respond to those common buyer objections in a way that would help you close the sale while still allowing the buyer to feel in control?

It’s possible. We promise. Renown real estate coach Bernice Ross showed us how to do exactly that in yesterday’s webinar. In less than an hour we learned:

  • Why you should never ask “why?” in a negotiation
  • How to agree, counter and close to easily overcome objections
  • When to use presumptive closing statements and alternative closing statements
  • How to close buyers using emotions, not features

Are you ready to watch the recording?

You’ll quickly discover that questions are the secret to controlling client negotiations. Bernice has also included 8 helpful closing scripts that will guide you through many buyer transactions.

Register now for the second webinar in this series: Overcoming Seller Objections. Bernice will be back with us on Thursday, April 18th to share great scripts that will help you land more listings. You won’t want to miss this!

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