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point2 agent social mediaSocial media. You’ve heard of it, you may even be using it, but is your Point2 Agent site benefiting from all this social sharing? It should be. It’s easy to use social media to drive more traffic to your real estate website. Today we have 3 quick tips for you that will help you leverage the power of social media.

Integrate Social Links

Integrate social links on your Point2 Agent website to help prospects find you on social media. Adding these links to your site will help people interact with you on the social media sites you participate in, including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Follow these instructions to add social links to your Point2 Agent website*:

  1. Sign in to your Point2 account
  2. Click Websites at the top of the page
  3. Click Edit beside your Agent Site thumbnail image
  4. Click Edit Social Links on the main page of your site
  5. On the Edit Profile page, enter your preferred social media information
  6. When finished, click Save

Voila! Clickable social links will appear on every page of your website.

edit social links

While editing your Point2 Agent site, click here to add/edit social links.

You can also add social links to your Property Sites. Social interaction will encourage people to learn more about you, your neighborhoods and your listings. It is also a very easy and effective way to ask and answer questions.

*Disclaimer: Social links are available on over 50 of our newer themes. If you are using a theme that doesn’t support social links and have questions – or want to switch – call Customer Care at 1-866-977-1777. Our team is happy to help!

Share Content, Not Just Listings

Social media is just that: a social space. If you only share your listings, you will seem like a billboard, rather than an actual person, and others will be less likely to socially engage with you. It may seem like a good idea, but sharing your listings far and wide on Twitter or Facebook is actually a very self-defeating action.

Social media is not likely to yield direct sales for anyone – especially real estate agents – but it is a very good place to lay the foundation for indirect sales. Share your personality so people in your social sphere begin to know, like and trust you before they even meet you. Another great thing to share is interesting website content.

That’s right! You can drive traffic to your Point2 Agent website from your various social media accounts if you have interesting content to share. Interesting content could be a neighborhood spotlight, homebuyer’s guide or post about a local event you’re involved in. Just create a blog post or add a web page, then share a link to your site to let people know what you’re all about. This is what people mean when they talk about “content marketing.” You are marketing yourself by creating and sharing unique content that showcases your expertise.

Here are some content sharing ideas to get you started:

Facebook: Links to blog posts, pictures of popular attractions in your area, real estate videos
Twitter: Links to neighborhood guides, Vine videos, links to local events
Pinterest: Pictures of parks or beaches in your area, pictures from your blog posts that link back to your blog, listing photos only if they are visually stunning

Track Your Shares

Whether you’re just starting out in social media or you’ve been at it for a while, tracking the links you share is always a good idea. Knowing what links people are actually clicking on will help you adapt your social strategy and increase your social relevance going forward.

We recommend signing up for a free account. Once you have an account, simply paste any link into your homepage before you share it. spits out a shorter link that you can then post anywhere. Anytime someone clicks on your link – whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else – tracks it for you, so you know exactly how many people are clicking.’s Stats page gives you even more detailed information, including the time frame, origin and geographic location of clicks. It’s fascinating! stats over a period of 30 days

That’s it for our three tips. What about you? Do you have any great social media tips to share with your fellow agents?


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