The World’s Most Unusual Homes


unsual homesYesterday we talked about unusual home upgrades that could affect the resale value of a listing. But what if the entire exterior of the house was considered unusual? Here we’ve rounded up four of the world’s most unusual home styles to amaze and, um, inspire (?) our real estate savvy readers.


unusual homes

1. Upside Down Houses

When we first started brainstorming for this post, we thought, “Oh yeah, an upside down house would be totally unusual!” And then we started researching. Turns out, upside down houses are more common than we thought. This one, located in Trassenheide, Germany, is open for public viewing.

2. Animal Houses

Talk about pet-friendly residences. There are homes all over the world made in the image of some of man’s best friends. This cat-shaped building is actually a kindergarten in Germany. There’s even a tail/slide in the back! Wondering what a goose house looks like? Click here to satisfy your curiosity.

3. Shoe Houses

There was an old woman who lived in a… shoe house! Much like upside down houses, shoe houses are shockingly not one-in-a-million. There’s one in Pennsylvania, another in South Africa and a there’s wooden shoe house in Holland. This particular shoe house happens to be located in Webster, South Dakota and operates as a museum that’s home to 7,000 shoes once owned by a lady named Mildred Fiksdahl O’Neill.

4. Shell Houses

Have ever wished you were a snail? How about a clam or other mollusc? Yeah, us neither. But, on the off-chance that you answered in the affirmative, have we found the house for you! This conch-shaped house was built by a husband and wife team in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. You can even rent it as a vacation destination.

How would you market these listings? “Unique private home for creative individuals”? “Single-family dwelling with additional income opportunity” (as a tourist attraction, of course)? You tell us!

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