16 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed


We recently discovered a gem right here in our own archives. In a 2009 post entitled 13 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed one of our clever writers detailed 13 different ways to optimize your listings using Point2 Agent. Readers loved all the useful information contained in the post, so we’ve decided to update it for you since, well, in internet years it’s been about a century. This post is a great refresher for Point2 members who might be on autopilot and need a feature review. It’s also a must-read for any real estate professional wondering exactly what Point2 Agent can do for a listing.

And this time we’ve upped the ante. A few updates to Point2 Agent over the years means a few more ways to optimize your listings, right? So here you have it…

16 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed: From Start to Finish

1. Create a POWERFUL Description

Once you’ve entered in the basics – address and price – it’s time to get started celebrating your listing. Click the Description tab in Edit Listing mode to add up to 2000(!) words of information about your listing. You want to choose accurate and inspiring words that call out all of the great features this home has to offer.

Buyers are looking for information, and you’re in a position to give it to them. Don’t give a boring description that leaves prospects in the dark. For more help, read our recent post How to Write Listing Descriptions That Sell.

2. Go BANANAS with Features

Also part of the Description tab is the Features area – an area that lets you checkmark any features your listing has. These features appear under the description on your site and are divided by category: Interior Features, Exterior Finish, Roof, View, Appliances, Cooling, Heating, Sewer/Water Systems, Lot Features, Extra Features and Buying Options. There are 163 options to choose from, so get clicking to let your buyers know exactly what your listing has to offer!

3. And BULLETED Highlights

Features Highlights

The Highlights area of the Description tab allows you to call out in bullet form anything you didn’t find in the Features area. Examples of possible highlights include “New Roof,” “Refinished Wood Floors” and “Greenhouse.”

4. Include a Price HIGHLIGHT

Price HighlightThis often overlooked field lets you add a note about the price. Is the price reduced? A great value? Go ahead and let buyers know by including a Price Highlight.

5. And a General HIGHLIGHT

General Highlight

Write a General Highlight that grabs buyers’ attention without requiring much reading. Think of the General Highlight as your listing’s tagline. If you had just a few seconds to make an impression, what would you say? First time on the market? Move-in ready? Oversized backyard with a pool?

6. JAZZ it up

Thought you were done describing the place yet? Think again. Yes, all online buyers are looking for information, but not everyone processes it the same way. Point2 Agent creates more opportunities to make an impact on buyers by providing that information in many formats. You can use our Attach Audio Description option to attach an audio file that can be played when listing details are viewed. Uploading a quick voiceover can help you reach busy prospects who don’t want to take the time to read.

7. Add LOTS of Listing Photos

Listing Photos

As of last year, Express, Professional and Elite Point2 Agent members are able to upload an unlimited number of photos for each listing. How cool is that?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: photos sell homes. With so many buyers beginning their property search online, that old saying “leave a little something to the imagination” does not apply to real estate. If site visitors can’t find the images they want on your listings page, they are likely to move on to another listing or even website that does show them what they want to see. So go picture crazy, OK?

One more thing, take a minute to rename and reorder pictures before you post them. Living Room describes the room much better than IMG_412.jpg; this is especially important if your listing is already vacant and the function of each room is not apparent.

8. Create a CUSTOM Virtual Tour

You can use our customizable Virtual Tour feature on any listing that has at least 5 photos. (Don’t have 5 photos or more? Read #8 again.) Virtual tours allow your site visitors to tour your listing in an enjoyable, automated visual format, instead of always having to click, click, click. You can select your preferred music, reorder photos and customize pan and zoom options for each listing. Already have a preferred virtual tour third party service? No problem, just upload it!

9. Go ROOM by Room

Click on the Rooms tab to add details about each room, including the dimensions, flooring, photos and brief description. This is a great way to call out rooms with multiple uses or additional storage. Relocating buyers love it, too, because it helps them get a feel for a listing that they can’t easily go see.

10. ATTACH Files

Give your listings a little extra credit by using the Attachments tab to attach documents that prospects want to see – and save yourself the work of sending out unnecessary emails. You can upload floor plans, information about the proposed development, approved remodeling permits… just about anything, really.

11. PRINT It Out

You’ve just put together a ton of information about your listing for online prospects. Encourage them to save or print that information by creating a downloadable Listing Brochure. Any visitor who accesses your listing brochure will be recorded in your Online Office.

Listing brochures aren’t just for online customers. You should also print out your branded brochures to use as part of your offline marketing campaign.

12. Make it SPECIAL

Want to take things a step further? Give your listing its very own site. A dedicated Single Property Website will make your listing stand out from the crowd. Sellers love seeing (and sharing) a single property site dedicated to their house, and buyers feel they add value to a listing, too. Express members get 1, Professional Members can have 5, and Elite members have access to unlimited single property sites.

13. Send It ANYWHERE You Want

Syndication Graphic

Thanks to Point2’s listing syndication network, you can easily advertise your listing on over 50+ online real estate consumer sites, no further manual entry required. When you’re done inputting the details of your listing in Point2 Agent, click Save and Syndicate to select which partner marketplaces you’d like your listing to appear on. Choose Select All to send your listing everywhere or individually check the boxes next to each syndication partner, it’s completely up to you!

14. BLOG About It

If you are actively using your Point2 Blog (Professional & Elite members only), generating automated blog posts about your listing is a snap. In your Online Office, got to Edit Listing and select the General tab. Check the “Write a blog post” box under the listed date to prompt a blog post that tells your readers about your new listing. Check the box under the price fields to prompt a new blog post anytime the price changes. It’s that easy!

15. Tell Your FRIENDS

Last year we added social sharing options to Point2 Agent. Now you can share your listings directly to Facebook, Twitter and more, right from your Online Office. Posts are pre-formatted so you don’t have to do any extra work. From your My Listings page, click the Share button in the right column to tell all of your online friends about your new listing.

16. SHOW It Off

By now you have a gorgeous, detailed, well-marketed listing – way to go! Showcase all of your hard work using ShowHome, our iPad app designed to add a little style to the home showing process. Whether you’re taking buyers on a home tour or just browsing listings with a client in your office, ShowHome’s high resolution photo galleries, client feedback fields and branded PDF reports will give your listings a little extra gloss.

Phew! You did it! Your listing is totally optimized; you can read it, hear it, see it, watch it, find it, share it, take it home and showcase it. And you did it all with tools available in your Point2 Agent account. Nice work!

If you don’t already have a Point2 Agent account, start a 30-day free trial and start getting your listings noticed right away.

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