March, 2013

The Faces of Point2 – Melanie CeyThe Faces of Point2 – Melanie Cey


Title: Senior Systems Analyst Started at Point2: October 2003 Hired at Point2 almost 10 years ago, Melanie is one of those women who does …

Pool Party! Do Swimming Pools Add Value?Pool Party! Do Swimming Pools Add Value?

swimming pools add value pool party

It’s heating up outside (um… everywhere besides Saskatoon, anyway) and you know what that means: pool parties are just around the corner. In honor …

Famous Homes: Movie EditionFamous Homes: Movie Edition

famous homes up

Yesterday we took a look at valuable celebrity real estate. But what about homes that are “celebrities” in their own right? Today on the …


Here at Point2, we browse Point2 Homes fairly often. We suspect you look at it sometimes, too. Between checking out regional home prices and …

Social Media & Your Point2 Agent SiteSocial Media & Your Point2 Agent Site

point2 agent social media

Social media. You’ve heard of it, you may even be using it, but is your Point2 Agent site benefiting from all this social sharing? …

The Faces of Point2 – Kelbey WoytowichThe Faces of Point2 – Kelbey Woytowich


Title: Programmer Started at Point2: October 2011 Kelbey started at Point2 as a Technical Analyst, but quickly joined the ranks of programmers on our …

Smart Marketing That Zaps the Generation GapSmart Marketing That Zaps the Generation Gap

generational marketing

Success Series Webinar with Terri Murphy: Recap   Thursday’s webinar with real estate marketing aficionado Terri Murphy was a blast! People tuned in from …

Take Better Real Estate Photos with Your iPhoneTake Better Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone

iphone real estate photos

We’re going to come right out and say it: it’s not altogether a terrible idea to take property photos with your iPhone. While smartphone …

What Color Is Your Business?What Color Is Your Business?

color branding

What colors do you use to identify and brand your real estate business? Do the colors on your website match the hues on your …

Mobile Madness! 24 NEW Mobile-Friendly ThemesMobile Madness! 24 NEW Mobile-Friendly Themes

real estate mobile themes blog

We just received exciting news from the Point2 workshop! There a now 24 additional mobile-friendly themes – with still more on the way. Mobile-friendly …

Upcoming Webinar: Smart Marketing That Zaps the Generational GapUpcoming Webinar: Smart Marketing That Zaps the Generational Gap


Did you know there are four generational consumer groups in our marketplace right now? And that each one of these groups responds to your …

Wacky Bathrooms: Flushing $$ Down the Drain?Wacky Bathrooms: Flushing $$ Down the Drain?

star wars wacky bathroom

Real estate agents know that bathrooms rank high on buyer’s lists when evaluating potential homes. In 2011, bathrooms became even more important to home …

Urban Agriculture: Coming Soon to a Home Near YouUrban Agriculture: Coming Soon to a Home Near You

chicken yard urban agriculture

In keeping with the unintentional green theme happening this week, we decided to take a look at another sustainable living approach: urban agriculture. Urban …

6 Tips for Identifying Green Homes That Sell6 Tips for Identifying Green Homes That Sell

green homes upgrades

This post is a follow-up piece to yesterday’s Yardi contribution on the subject of green homes by The Balance Sheet writer Erica Racson. Now …

Green Homes: Easy Sells Now, Easier in the Future?Green Homes: Easy Sells Now, Easier in the Future?

green homes grass house

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Racson, a writer for The Balance Sheet, the Yardi corporate blog, as part of a blog …

Tablet Video for Real Estate AgentsTablet Video for Real Estate Agents

video for real estate

Success Series Webinar with Michael Krisa & Mike Stewart: Recap Yesterday’s Success Series webinar taught us how to make videos for real estate using …

The Faces of Point2 – Joel LoewenThe Faces of Point2 – Joel Loewen

Joel Loewen

Title: Director, Yardi Hosting Services Started at Point2: July 2002 Originally hired as a Systems Administrator for Point2 in 2002, Joel is now a …

The World’s Most Unusual HomesThe World’s Most Unusual Homes

unsual homes

Yesterday we talked about unusual home upgrades that could affect the resale value of a listing. But what if the entire exterior of the …


There are good home upgrades that add value to a home – wood floors, new windows, updated kitchen appliances – and then there are …


We recently discovered a gem right here in our own archives. In a 2009 post entitled 13 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed one …