Time Travel via Vintage Real Estate Ads


What does your marketing to-do list look like? Online, offline, social media, word of mouth, billboards, videos, skywriting… the list of promotional opportunities seems to grow by the minute. While we don’t blame you for wanting to stay ahead of the curve – we’re a technology company, after all – we think you deserve a little break.

Today we’re dishing up a warm helping of nostalgia in the form of vintage real estate ads. Sit back, relax and reflect on the days of broadsides and newspaper ads. Delivery methods (and prices) may have changed, but many selling points remain the same.

Capitol Hill, Washington DC, 1909

final offering vintage real estate ads

Owner occupancy makes for a highly desirable neighborhood. And how about those bay windows? Still popular after all these years.

Vancouver, British Columbia 1912

investment vintage real estate ads

Real estate speculation at its finest. How do you think this turned out for the buyer?

??? 1913

auction vintage real estate ads

We’re guessing the “dweling” owner got behind on his payments. Time for an ol’ fashioned real estate auction!

Silver Spring, Maryland (no date given)

homes of happiness vintage real estate ads

We’re a little bummed we don’t see more ads for “homes of happiness” these days. Note the emphasis on each property’s “charmingly individual” design.

Long Island, New York 1925

 moastic vintage real estate ads

Ooh, a monastic estate with 14 master bedrooms! How would you like it if prospects wrote to you for an illustrated booklet instead of visiting your website?

San Francisco, California, 1950s

sf vintage real estate ads

This is one from a series of hand-painted window signs that was recently unearthed by a San Francisco real estate company. Isn’t it interesting that it lists the total number of rooms, rather than bedrooms and bathrooms?

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 1971

 hot springs vintage real estate ads

Another advertisement promising “happiness.” We knew we were on to something! This ad doesn’t actually show you the home, but it does do a fantastic job of promoting the area.

What do you think? Do you find inspiration in these ads or do they seem like wildly outdated marketing to you? Share your thoughts below.

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