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seller area tips tricksToday we’re going to highlight another underused (in our opinion) feature of your Point2 Agent sites: the Seller Area. The Seller Area of a listing is a separate area that the seller can visit to view information about the listing and provide additional details about their home.

Setting up a Seller Area for a listing is a great way to involve your clients in the home selling process. Used correctly, the Seller Area will add value to your listing presentation, make your listings stand out and boost the confidence and engagement of your sellers. And you retain complete control.

Sounds magical, right? There’s even better news: it’s easy to activate, too. Let’s get started!

First, you will need to log in to your Point2 account. Then:

  • Click Listings at the top of your Online Office page
  • Click the listing address of the property in question
  • Click the Email Seller link near the top
  • Enter the seller’s email address
  • Select the Send Seller Area Login option
  • Edit the password (optional)
  • Add a message to your seller as you see fit
  • Click Send

When the seller receives your email, he or she will be given the password and a link to the Seller Area log in page. That page tells your seller exactly what he/she will be able to see and do once they log in. Here is a cropped version of what the Seller Area looks like to a seller:

seller area screen shot

Here is a list of things your sellers can do from the Seller Area:

  • Preview their listing (as displayed on your Point2Agent site)
  • View/download the listing brochure
  • Access select performance analytics, like total listing and virtual tour views
  • View your personal notes to the seller – NOT displayed elsewhere on your website
  • Contact you via email
  • Add their own publicly viewable notes and photos of the home

So ideally, your seller will log in to the Seller Area, love all the analytics, see a note from you asking for a picture of the garden in full bloom and upload one. How fantastic, especially if it’s winter and the landscaping is looking a little drab. Prospects are going to love the additional information, and the seller was so happy to put in his/her two cents.

But what if the seller unthinkingly adds something that will shoot them in the foot? Maybe something vaguely negative about the neighborhood or a picture of a room that’s been remodeled since?

Don’t panic! You can edit anything your seller adds to your listing. As soon as one of your seller’s adds a comment, you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

Seller Area Edit Email

Simply click Edit Seller’s Comments to be taken to a page that allows you to, well, edit the seller’s comments. Phew! If you have any additional questions about Seller Area functionality, click here to check out our User Manual.

Have you used the Seller Area before? Leave a comment to share your experience with your fellow real estate professionals.

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