The Faces of Point2 – Steve Smith


SteveS1Title: Web Developer
Started at Point2: May 2008

Steve started at Point2 as an intern, then moved to part-time, and finally started full-time in 2010. Originally working with our software development team, as of late he’s been collaborating with our marketing team to redesign and make it responsive.

He’s a beer-making, video-gaming, spicy food enthusiast, and soon to be father (for the second time) this summer.

We asked Steve to answer a few questions about himself. Here’s what he had to say:

What is your favorite type of music?
Depends on the day. But, lately I’ve been flopping between Punk, Rock, Techno/Electronic, and Video Game music.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Ooh, that’s a hard one. I’d say it is a toss-up between Dune (The 1984 Version) or Top Gun. I own multiple copies of both. On one “hazy” New Years, my buddy was flabbergasted when I was quoting Dune a few seconds before the line was spoken in the movie.

If you have an hour of free time to spare, what do you do with it?
During “me” time, I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 with my friends. When it is free time with partner, we usually cuddle up under a blanket and watch something together. We’ve been going through Game of Thrones and American Idol recently.

What kinds of food do you like?
Spicy food! When I make burgers at home, it is fairly common for me to coat my patties in different spicy things. Yum! Failing that, bacon. If you ask my foodie coworker, I’m sure she’d say I was a sweet tooth. :p

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled?
Out of the places I’ve been to, I’d say Yellowstone. I don’t think I appreciated it at the time quite as much as I do now. The idea that I was standing on a piece of rock that could end human civilization as we know it I think is kinda cool.

If you could own one piece of famous art, sculpture, memorabilia or historic artifact, what would the item be?
While it isn’t “world famous”, there is one painting my Grandfather Gerald Smith did of the moon and stars that is absolutely FANTASTIC! Last I checked it was located in the head-priest’s office of an Ottawa-area church.

What are some things on your bucket list?
– Go jump out of a perfectly working plane… some people call it “Skydiving”.
– Visit Japan.
– Visit the African Savannah.
– The video game nerd in me would LOVE to get into E3 one year… that “press-only” part may be a problem…
– I wouldn’t say it is on there yet, but I think I’d like to learn to play an instrument. My current thought is the Cello.

What was your last Do It Yourself project?
Within the last year or so, I’ve been into home-brewing beer. Thus far I’ve created two batches and both were from pre-made wort. Now that I’ve got the fermenting and bottling process down, my next goal is to start the process from the raw ingredients level. Should be fun (and hopefully tasty)!

What’s something about you that few people know?
My partner and I are expecting our 2nd child in August.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy. And I think thus far, I’m doing okay on that front. 🙂

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