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From time to time (aka all the time), we eavesdrop on Customer Care and poke around our social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook etc. ­– to see what our members are talking about. Recently, we came across this question for Customer Care. Because we suspect that several of you will be interested in the answer, we’ve decided to answer it here on the blog.

This week’s question comes to us from REALTOR® Alan Swinamer. He asks:

I have a Point2 site (Homes4SaleHalifax.com) that I am hoping to add another domain name to. I am wondering how I go about getting an additional domain name and also if I can have traffic directed to my main site. What costs are associated with this?

We did a little investigating and found the answer. You can absolutely have two (or more) domain names point to your Point2 Agent website! The only cost associated with this is the cost of purchasing additional domains. There are a couple of simple ways to set this up:

You can purchase a domain name through your Online Office and have it automatically assigned for you. To do this, click here.


You can use a domain name that you already own, and have it pointed to your website (this requires a few technical steps, including changing the name servers at the domain registrar). To do this, click here.

When you have multiple domain names assigned to your Point2 account, you can even select which page you want each domain to point to. For example, if Alan chose to buy the domain Listings4SaleHalifax.com, he could choose to have it point directly to the listings page of his website instead of the home page. Or, if you want all additonal domains to point to your homepage, that’s fine, too. Click here to learn how to point a domain at a specific page of your site.

Why Buy Multiple Domains for One Site?

Good question! One reason you might consider purchasing multiple domains is to protect your branding; you might want to have the same address ending in both .com and .net. Or you may want to have different domains that you market in different neighborhoods. In straightforward cases like this, search engines usually treat all the different domains as one site, so there’s neither a significant SEO boost or penalty. Multiple domains are purely for your own convenience.

You Ask, We Answer!

If you have a question that needs an answer and think that answer will help other members, too, feel free to ask us in the comments below. We’ll answer it on the blog as space and time permits. For more immediate assistance, contact Customer Care.

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