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Single Property SiteAre you effectively using your Point2 Agent Property Sites? Single Property Sites are free with your Point2 Agent membership. Express members receive one, Professional members can create five, and Elite accounts can create unlimited Property Sites. Property Sites are reusable too, so as soon as one listing sells, you can repurpose the site to help sell another home.

We recently noticed that many of our members aren’t taking advantage of these free additional sites. With thousands and thousands of listings online at this very minute, creating Property Sites for your listings is a great way to showcase each home to its fullest potential. Utilizing Property Sites is also a great way to demonstrate your marketing skills and expand your prospect base. Let’s take a closer look:

Benefits of Property Sites

  • Property Sites give you an opportunity to identify the unique selling characteristics of both your listing and the surrounding community.
  • Sellers love having a website that’s dedicated to their home – it’s a great tool to demonstrate in your listing presentation. You can market a Property Site for every listing or include one as part of a deluxe package.
  • You can buy a domain or use one you already have and point it to your Property Site to make it easier to find. A domain like makes it easy for people to find your listing when they’re driving through the neighborhood.
  • Sellers will happily share your Property Site with their friends and family. And when an offer is accepted, the buyers will share it, too. Your Property Site – with your contact information on every page – instantly opens you up to new prospects. That’s free marketing for you at no additional expense.

Property Sites- Example

Activate a Property Site

Point2’s easy-to-use Property Sites include integrated maps, social media sharing links and auto-generated listing detail pages. Complete these 8 steps to set up a site for one (or more!) of your listings now

  1. Sign in to your Online Office
  2. Select Websites from the menu at the top
  3. In the Property Sites area click Create
  4. Select a Theme and Color Scheme for your new Property Site
  5. Click Create Your Site
  6. Edit and add copy, just as you would your primary Point2 Agent site
  7. Click Preview to see what your Property Site will look like before making it visible to the public
  8. Click Publish Now when you are ready to share your Property Site with the world

Property Sites Themes

Ta-da! That’s all there is to it. Get started creating and advertising Point2 Agent Property Sites today to increase your marketing opportunities, impress your sellers and make your listings stand out from the crowd.

Questions about Property Sites? Just ask us in the comments below…

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