Transformers: Garage Edition


garage conversion transformerDid you know that most homes – unbeknownst to them – have a transformer lurking on the property? A transformer waiting for just the right moment to become a private gym, formal dining room or even a whole new house? Meet your garage: the often unsung hero of inventive remodeling.

Today we’re going to take a look at four amazing garage transformations that may leave your car lingering on the streets at night. Just click on each photo for further reading or additional pictures.

Garage Into Bonus Room

seattle garage conversion playroom

In Seattle, architect Margaret Menter converted a 2-story freestanding garage into a flexible multipurpose room for her clients and their three young children. Instead of a storage area filled with boxes of unused stuff, this garage is now a playroom – suitable for amateur gymnastics, birthday parties and family movie nights. Comprised of a large open space containing swings, hammocks, monkey bars, a utility sink and small bathroom, this bonus room can fluidly adapt to the needs of the family it grows and changed over the years.

Garage Into Man Cave

connecticut garage man cave

This Connecticut garage, post-conversion, is admittedly still a garage, but it is certainly far from ordinary. It boasts a car elevator, electric car charging port, remote-control toilet and… wine cellar? Yep, you read that correctly. This luxurious man cave has all the amenities; there’s even an upstairs car viewing area that’s equipped with a wet bar and snack station. Start saving your pennies for this one, fellas.

Garage Into Tiny House

bordeaux garage conversion external

bordeaux garage conversion internal

If you’ve read our recent blog post entitled “How Small Is Too Small?” you know we’re fascinated by tiny houses. This garage transformation certainly fits the bill. French architecture firm Fabre/deMarien converted this 441 sq ft garage in Bordeaux into a deluxe modern abode, complete with a full kitchen, sleeping loft, built-in office, large patio and dining area with room for six people.

Garage Into Restaurant

Vinsetta garage

And now, on a much larger (and admittedly un-home related) scale, behold: a landmark garage turned into a restaurant. Designer Anne Stevenson took pains not to overly disturb this historic 1919 auto shop while still making it food-safe. The most notable update – besides the kitchen! – is the conversion of the vintage gas pumps in front of the restaurant; now they’re electric charging stations.

Garage conversion, like any other kind of renovation, has its share of pros and cons. On the plus side, you are working with an existing structure. Choosing to keep the foundation and walls as is can lower your overall costs. Additionally, you can increase your living area without increasing your footprint – a major plus if you just don’t have the space. Converting your garage into a cottage, where permitted, may be an urban infill solution to housing shortages in some areas.

However, renovating your garage can have a negative effect on your overall value, especially if you decide to, say, turn it into a rodeo cowboy themed private bar. Not everyone is into rodeo clowns and some home buyers may simply want a place to park their cars.

What about you? What would you do with your garage if the sky was the limit? Have you ever sold a listing with a converted garage? Tell us in the comments below.


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